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Check if Someone is Using Your Netflix Account without Permission



When it comes to streaming services, Netflix is among the most popular choice for a lot of people. But while it remains on top providing an easy way to stream movies and videos, the question is “Can someone steal your Netflix account?

Unfortunately, freeloaders are unavoidable and there are users who caught other people using their Netflix account without their permission. Netflix allows password sharing and it is a convenient way to access your account on many devices. It also enables you to share with your friends or anyone in your house.

The only drawback is when someone else knows your password and uses your account without you knowing it. So, how do you track these people? What can you do to stop this problem?

The first thing you need to do is to check if someone else is using your Netflix account. Once you identified unauthorized use of your account, you will need to secure it by kicking these people out and changing your password.

How to Check If Someone Else is Using Your Netflix Account

  • Open Netflix and on the top right, click on the account icon.
  • Next, select Account and click on My Profile.
  • Choose Viewing Activity to see the history of movies watched and the date watched. It will give you an idea if someone else is using your account.
  • Go back to the Account screen and click Settings.
  • Choose Recent Device Streaming Activity. Under this option, you will see what devices were used to stream movies using your account. It will also show the IP address, location, time, and date of usage.

How to Secure Your Netflix Account

If you already identify that someone else is using your account without your permission, it is time to lock it down. Securing your Netflix account will see to it that nobody else will use it except you and the people you want to share the account with.

  • Using your desktop browser, open Netflix and log in your account.
  • Under the Account icon, select Account and click Membership & Billing.
  • Choose Change Password. Take note not to save your password changes yet. Just type in your current and new password. Do not press save.
  • On the main menu, click Settings to open the drop down menu.
  • Look for Sign Out of All Devices and open it in a new tab. You will need to open two tabs to quickly update your password after signing out all devices. That way, nobody will have the chance to sign in before your password changes.
  • Select Sign Out and on the previous tab, click save to save your new password.

Keep It Secured Always

Check your account from time to time to see if there are still freeloaders of your account. You may have kicked out people once but it can happen again. Just follow the instructions above and change your password once in a while to keep it secured.

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