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How to Enable 2FA on Twitter Without a Phone Number



A common way to protect your accounts online is by using a strong password. Usually, passwords must be unpredictable and do not contain obvious personal data. For passwords to increase its strengths, it also should contain a combination of unique characters, numbers, and letters.

However, passwords alone do not guarantee full protection. Once your password is uncovered and known, anyone can have full access to your account. That is why, adding an extra layer of protection to your account, like two-factor authentication can give you more confidence and security against online hacking and other threats.

What is a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


The two-factor authentication offers an extra layer of security to account users. Aside from the password verification, which is considered as a single-factor authentication, users can verify their account through a second authentication process. It can be facial recognition or fingerprint scan.

2FA can better protect your account data despite hackers knowing your password. It is an effective way to safeguard credentials and sensitive information on your account.

Twitter accounts enjoy the added security of 2FA. After users type in their passwords, they can proceed to the second authentication process for another verification. Normally, users add in a code, a confirmation or security key for their second authentication.

Enable 2FA on Twitter Without a Phone Number using Authenticator Apps


Twitter has been using SMS for their 2FA processes. Yet, since users reported different issues in linking their mobile phones with their 2FA, Twitter offers a different way to obtain the 2FA codes.

Using an authenticator app, you can now obtain codes without going through your mobile phones. In the usual process, Twitter will send a six-digit 2FA code via SMS to users who are using the two-authentication feature. Now, using an authenticator app, you don’t have to link your phone, instead, get the code directly from the app.

To enable your 2FA on Twitter without your phone number, follow these methods:

  • Go to Twitter and log in your account.
  • Next, click on the Setting button and look for Privacy. Click to Open.
  • Choose Account and click the Security option to open.
  • Look for the Two-Factor Authentication and click to open.
  • You will be given options. You can choose to use an Authentication App such as the Google Authenticator. Another option is to select a Security Key.
  • Click on your option to enable the 2FA process.

Unlink Your Phone


If you are using the 2FA feature before and have linked your phone to your account, you will need to remove it to use the 2FA process without your phone number. To unlink your phone, follow the steps below:

  • Open Twitter and login your account.
  • Proceed to Settings and choose Privacy.
  • Next, go to Account and look for your phone number.
  • Delete your number from your account and save the changes. It will then enable your 2FA process.

Wrapping It Up

Private access to your account is crucial to prevent online theft. It is important that only you can access your account or people whom you gave privileges. Try the two-factor authentication process using an authenticator app and see if it works for you. Let us know in the comment below.


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