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Fix Wyze Camera Device is Offline Issue with App Error Code 90



Wyze Cameras are excellent products, and they’ve been becoming more and more popular by the day. Between their many different products, the Seattle based company have always most well known for their Wyze Cam or Pan cameras, exceptional low-cost, high-quality indoor and outdoor security cameras that are easy to use.

Now, their camera portfolio covers a ton of products with different usage cases. Despite that, they’re not flawless, which can be irritating to deal with.

If you’ve used a Wyze CCTV security camera, then you know there are some pretty common errors that can arise while using them. One of these is error code 90, which indicates that your Wye camera is offline. It comes with this error message:


“Device is offline (error code 90). Please check your internet connection or power cycle the camera.”

Most of the time, this error appears out of nowhere completely unprompted, and there aren’t any details given so it’s hard to troubleshoot. So, this begs the question, what can you do when you encounter it?

How to Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issue & Fix Wyze Camera Device is Offline App Error Code 90

After some research, we’ve discovered that fixing this internet connectivity issue isn’t all to difficult. While pinpointing the exact reason that the error happens can be somewhat tough, the fixes all tend to be fairly simple.

To make things easier for you, we’ve taken these fixes and compiled them into simple guides for you to follow down below. As long as you follow the steps we’ve prepared for you carefully, you should find your Wyze camera back in working condition again.

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Check Issues with your Internet Network Connection

  • If your internet connection isn’t working or isn’t stable, your Wyze camera won’t connect.
  • Go into your device’s network settings.
  • Make sure the internet connection is working properly.
  • Attempt to search for something on a different device to check.
  • If there’s a connection error, make sure it’s on your end and not on the ISP.
  • If it’s on your end, you can try moving your device closer to the router or buying tools to expand the range of your Wi-Fi setup.
  • If it’s on the ISP, contact them to let them know something’s wrong.

Update the Wyze App on your Mobile Device

  • Updating the Wyze app itself can often help fix this issue.
  • Search for Wyze in your smartphone app store.
  • Check to see if there are any updates available. 
  • If there’s an update available, install it.
  • Wait for the update to finish installing
  • Relaunch Wyze and test your cameras out.

Power Cycle the Wyze Camera

  • Unplug the camera from its power source. 
  • Wait for about 20 seconds before plugging it back in. 
  • This will reboot the camera, power cycle it, and help resolve any connection issues.
  • Wait until the camera is finished rebooting.
  • Open the Wyze app.
  • Test the camera in the app to see if the error persists.

Reset the Wyze Cam or Pan Camera

  • Press and hold the setup button on the back of the camera for at least 10 seconds.
  • Wait until the LED on the front of the Wyze Camera flashes blue.
  • This will reset the camera along with any stored network information.
  • Turn on the Wyze app.
  • Test the camera in the app to see if the issue persists.

Now, you should find your Wyze camera error free once again. Troubleshooting Wyze cameras tends to be pretty simple, and we’re happy to see it works well most of the time. We hope we managed to help you with your problem, and for more fixes and guides like this, stay tuned.



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