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How to Fix Problem & Turn Off Alexa Echo Device Red Ring Light that Stays On



When it comes to modern devices, the presence of red light is often an ominous sign, and your Alexa Echo speaker device is no exception. A red ring light on your Amazon Echo smart speaker is more than enough to make you panic, and things just get worse if the voice assistant doesn’t even respond the way it used to.

The good news is that a red ring light doesn’t always mean that your smart device is now broken beyond fixing. Alexa Echo devices feature indicator rings that convey different information. Knowing why there is a red ring light on your device in the first place will serve as your guide on how to fix it properly.

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Why is There a Red Ring Light on Your Alexa Echo?

Your Amazon Alexa Echo devices may have a red ring light that keeps on for two main reasons:

  • Issues with internet connection 
  • Disabled microphone 

None of these two is considered a major problem. It only takes a few seconds to enable your microphone, while most internet connection issues are just temporary concerns. 

If your Alexa Echo has an internet connection issue, you can skip the steps below since the device won’t respond at all if its microphone is offline. But if there is no response, you can proceed to do the following steps. 

How to Troubleshoot, Fix the Issue & Turn Off Red Ring Light on Amazon Alexa Echo Device

Enable the Microphone on your Alexa Speaker

Your Alexa Echo will have a red ring light if its microphone is disabled. Maybe you turned it off accidentally. If the microphone of the device is disabled, simply press its button to turn off the red light. If it doesn’t work, restart the device and enable the option again. Your device should start responding to your commands again after this. 

Restart your Amazon Alexa Echo Smart Speaker Device

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If the red light is still there even after you enable the microphone, try restarting your device. An unknown internal issue might have caused your Echo to stop working, and a restart might be necessary for it to function properly again. It is also recommended if the device has been operating for several hours on end. 

To restart the device, unplug its power cord from the switch. Plug back the cord after 5 to 10 seconds. Give the device some brief commands after it restarts. If it still doesn’t work, proceed to the next step. 

Reset your Amazon Device

A reset can fix most issues with your Alexa Echo, including a red ring light. Here, you can choose between a hard reset and a soft reset. 

Hard Reset

  1. Plug the device into a power switch. 
  2. Check the top of the device for a small hole. 
  3. Press the button in the hole with a needle. 
  4. An orange light will flash on top of the device. 
  5. Set up your account to start using your Echo. 

Soft Reset 

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone. 
  2. Click on Devices at the lower part of the screen.
  3. Choose Alexa & Echo from the list.
  4. Go and click on Factory Reset. 
  5. An orange light will flash on your Alexa Echo. 
  6. Set up your account to begin using your device. 

To fix and turn off the red ring light on your Amazon Alexa Echo device, you can enable the microphone, restart the device, or reset it completely. These are the steps to follow after you have established that there is no issue with your internet connection.



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