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How to Fix Google Pixel Watch 2 Stuck on Setting up Error



We’ve all been there – excitedly unboxing a new gadget, only to find ourselves hitting a roadblock during the setup process. If you’re one of the frustrated Google Pixel Watch 2 users who have encountered the “stuck on setting up” problem, you’re not alone.

But fear not because we’re here to guide you through this common issue on Google Pixel, sharing solutions that many users have found effective.

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The Charger Conundrum on Google Pixel Watch 2

One thing that became evident from Reddit users’ experiences is the significant role that the charger and battery level play in resolving this smartwatch issue.

As some users discovered, switching to a higher-wattage USB port can make all the difference. In some cases, using a charger with more power – specifically, one capable of delivering 100 watts – was the solution.

The Battery Predicament on Google Pixel Watch 2

While the charger certainly plays a pivotal role, the battery level of your Pixel Watch 2 is equally essential during the setup process. Some users found that their watch needed to have a charge of over 50% to complete the update process. This seemingly unpublicized requirement left some users scratching their heads.

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Practical Tips and Solutions to Resolve Google Pixel Watch 2 Stuck on Setting up Error

Monitor Your Google Pixel Watch 2 Battery Level

It’s crucial to have your Pixel Watch 2 battery level above 50% when starting the setup. If you’re unsure about the current charge, allow the watch to charge for a while before initiating the setup process.

Check Your Google Pixel Watch 2 Charger

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Before diving into the setup process, ensure that you’re using a charger that can deliver at least 100 watts. If you’re unsure about your charger’s wattage, check the manufacturer’s information or consider switching to a known high-power charger.

Orientation Matters on Google Pixel Watch 2

Users have reported that the charger may only go on in one specific direction or position on the watch. Ensure that you’re connecting the charger correctly for it to work effectively.

Wait for Confirmation on Google Pixel Watch 2

If your watch is stuck in the “Waiting for watch to charge” state, wait for some time.

In the Bluetooth menu, you should see a battery indicator, which will provide a better idea of the charging progress. This might not be the most intuitive user experience, but it’s a workaround until Google addresses the issue.

Try a Different Charger or Port for Google Pixel Watch 2

If the setup process still doesn’t kick off, experiment with various chargers and USB ports. Some users have reported success with older chargers, suggesting that less powerful options might be more effective for the initial setup.

Contact Google Customer Support

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If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to Google Support. They might have additional insights or specific recommendations tailored to your situation.

In conclusion, the “stuck on setting up” issue with your Google Pixel Watch 2 can be frustrating, but it’s not insurmountable. By paying attention to your charger battery level and following the practical tips mentioned, you can likely resolve this issue and finally start enjoying your new smartwatch.

Remember, technology quirks are not uncommon, and there’s often a simple solution just waiting to be discovered.

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