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Use and Listen to Spotify Offline on Samsung Galaxy Watch



Spotify makes listening to music easier. It gives you access to thousands of songs from any artist or any genre. If you want to listen to songs offline, you can download the music you want for offline listening. Even if you are in a place without any network connection, you can still access your Spotify playlist.

What if you are out on a run or when you left your phone at home? Can you still listen to your music? Definitely, yes. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy Watch or Samsung Gear watches, Spotify allows you to listen to your offline playlist. You don’t need to access your phone. With a few taps on your smartwatch, you can listen to your favorite tunes while working out, jogging, running, or even sitting on a park bench.

How to Install the Spotify App on Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Credit: Samsung

Before you can listen to your Spotify music, you will need to download and install the app to your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

  1. Launch the Galaxy Watch app.
  2. Go to the Galaxy Store.
  3. On the search bar, type Spotify.
  4. Press on the search result.
  5. Press the Install button.

Link Your Spotify Account To Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

After installing the app, you will need to link your Spotify account to your phone.

  1. On your Samsung Galaxy Watch, navigate to the app catalogue.
  2. Tap on the Spotify logo.
  3. A message will appear asking you to link the watch app to your Spotify account.
  4. Once you allow a link, a prompt message will appear on your phone.
  5. Sign in your Spotify account.

Switching to Standalone

Credit: Samsung

There are two ways that you can use your Spotify app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. One is to use it as a remote or a Bluetooth controller for your phone called Remote and the other is to use without your phone, which is the Standalone.

If your Samsung Galaxy Watch is on Remote, switch it to Standalone.

  1. Open Spotify on your Galaxy Watch.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Tap Playback.
  4. Now, choose Standalone. It will ask you to Pair it with your phone.

How to Download Spotify Music for Offline Listening on Galaxy Watch

Credit: Windows Dispatch/Samsung

Now that you have set your Spotify app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch, you can start downloading music for offline listening.

  1. On your Spotify app, tap Browse and look for the songs you want to download.
  2. If you found a playlist, look for the Download button and toggle it to Enable.
  3. For a single song, tap it to open it to the media player.
  4. Tap the menu icon at the bottom.
  5. Tap Save.

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