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How to Fix Microsoft Edge Browser Not Updating on Windows 11 PC Error



Microsoft regularly spruces up its Edge browser with features every time it gets the chance. This is why Edge users make sure that their browser is always updated to the latest version.

However, several users have expressed their concerns lately about the Microsoft Edge browser not updating on their Windows 11 PC.

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

Top Solutions to Resolve Microsoft Edge Browser Not Updating on Windows 11 PC Error

Below are some steps you can follow to try to solve the Microsoft Edge problem if you’re having it right now.

Check Your Internet Connection

Microsoft Edge browser might not update on your Windows 11 PC if you have an unreliable or slow internet connection.

Before you panic, see to it that your internet connection doesn’t have anything to do with the failed update. Try visiting other websites or performing an internet speed test to rule out this possible culprit.

Clear Microsoft Edge Browsing Data and Cache

It’s only natural for you to face problems if your Microsoft Edge browser has corrupted cache data. Be sure that you clear the browser data and cache to check if this will fix the browser error.

  • Launch your Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Then click the three dots located in the upper right corner.
  • Choose Settings and go to Privacy, search, and services.
  • Click on the Choose what to clear option below Clear browsing data.
  • Select Clear Now to perform the job.

Switch Off Installed Extensions on Microsoft Edge Browser

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

Your Microsoft Edge browser might also refuse to update on your Windows 11 PC if there are interruptions because of the installed extensions on it. Disabling these might help get rid of the error and continue with the update.

Enable Microsoft Edge Update Service

See to it that you have enabled the Microsoft Edge services before you panic when the browser refuses to update.

  • To do this, just press the keys for Windows and R on your keyboard to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Type services.msc on the Run dialog box and then press Enter.
  • Double-click on Microsoft Edge Update Service on the Services option.
  • Under Startup type, choose Automatic Click Start on the Service Status.
  • Click the OK button once you’ve made the necessary changes.

Repair Microsoft Edge Browser

Image credit: Microsoft

You can also fix the Microsoft Edge browser not updating on your Windows 11 PC by repairing it. The good news is that you can do so while keeping your settings and data intact.

  • To do this, right-click on the Start icon and choose Installed Apps from the list that appears.
  • Look for Microsoft Edge and then click on the three-dot menu icon beside it.
  • Choose Modify and then click on the Repair button to start the process.

Restart Microsoft Edge Browser

Last but not least, make sure you also restart your Microsoft Edge browser and see if it fixes the update issue on your Windows 11 PC. Temporary bugs and glitches might prevent the update process from running, which can result in an update failure. If you continue to get an error, just restart your browser and try once more.

If the Microsoft Edge browser is not updating on Windows 11 PC, the solutions above may help you address your problem so you can continue to use it without any issues.



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