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How to Fix Screen Time Limits Feature on Microsoft Family Safety Not Working



Microsoft Family allows parents to manage the screen time of their kids through the Microsoft Family Safety feature. The parental control tool enables them to decide how long their children used their devices. What makes it more functional is the breakdown each day and the total number of hours they spent on their devices each week.

Unfortunately, there are instances when the Screen Time limits are not working on Microsoft Family Safety. Even if you already indicated the number of hours limit per device for each child, the limit does not seem to apply. In turn, the child continues to use their devices despite reaching the limit you’ve set.

Fix Screen Time Limits Feature on Microsoft Family Safety
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How to Troubleshoot & Resolve Screen Time Limits Feature on Microsoft Family Safety Account Not Working Issue

Microsoft Family Safety is available on Windows 10/11 PC and Xbox One gaming consoles. If you encounter the issue on any of these devices, you can try to troubleshoot and fix the problem with several solutions and workarounds we have listed below.

Method #1 – Restart your Device

  • On your Windows 10/11 PC, click the Start menu.
  • Select Power.
  • Click Restart.
  • If you are using an Xbox One console, press and hold the Xbox button.
  • Select the Restart console.
  • Click Restart.

Method #2 – Create a New Screen Time Schedule

  • Open your Microsoft account where you experience the error.
  • Navigate to Family.
  • Select Screen Time.
  • Look for the current time slot and click the Remove button next to it.
  • Remove all indicated time slots.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Now, add a new time slot and restart your device.

Method #3 – Update your Windows PC

  • Launch the Settings menu of your Windows PC.
  • Go to Update & Security.
  • Select Windows Update.
  • Click Check for Updates.
  • Install if there are available updates.
  • For Xbox One consoles, press the Xbox button.
  • Navigate to Profile & system.
  • Select Settings.
  • Go to System.
  • Select Updates.
  • Click Console Update Available.

Method #4 – Never Allow Anyone to Create New Accounts in your Microsoft Family Account

Sometimes, kids tend to create new accounts and set their preferred specifications there. You can keep your accounts in your family group and use a guest key each time you need to create an account.

  • On your Xbox console, press the Xbox button.
  • Go to Profile & system.
  • Select Settings.
  • Choose System.
  • Select Signed-out content restrictions.
  • Now, create a guest key.
  • Look for the Let people download & make new accounts option and turn it off.

Method #5 – Make Sure that your Child’s Account Type is not an Administrator

  • Login to your child’s account.
  • On the Windows button, right-click on it.
  • Select Computer Management.
  • Select Local Users and Groups.
  • Select Users.
  • Right-click on your child’s account.
  • Choose Properties.
  • Go to the Member of tab.
  • Select Administrators.
  • Click the Remove button.
  • Now, click the Add button.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Click Find Now.
  • Look for Guests and double-click it.
  • Click OK.
  • Do the same with the add the Child option.
  • Once done, click the Apply button.
  • Click OK.
  • Restart your PC.

Do you have other solutions that may help fix the Microsoft Family account’s Screen Time limits that won’t work? You can share them with us in the comment section below.



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