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How to Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2618-0515 or 2618-0516



Nintendo Switch is a combined home gaming system and a handheld gaming device. It is a device that has three functions: tabletop, portable, and television.

The controls are independent of the display in the TV and tabletop variants. Users can watch the games in TV mode on their televisions. It is a pioneer in bridging the gap between handheld consoles used at home and those used on the go.

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It is impressive because every game played on the Nintendo Switch, not only those that support motion control or a second screen, can benefit from one key innovation that the console delivers. But at the same time, Nintendo Switch could encounter errors.

It is undeniably flawed in that it frequently fails to strike the correct balance while attempting to accomplish everything at once. We may get error codes 2618-0515 and 2618-0516 when using Nintendo Switch.

What are Nintendo Switch Error Code 2618-0515 or 2618-0516

Typically, the Nintendo Switch error codes 2618-0515 or 2618-0516 denote a network problem. Due to your NAT type, your network probably needs to be more suitable for peer-to-peer connections. Generally, this happens while playing Animal Crossing.

What Causes Nintendo Switch Error Code 2618-0515 or 2618-0516

After a thorough investigation into this issue, we discovered that several distinct situations could result in these specific error codes. Here is a list of possible offenders.

It might be connected to the DNS configurations. Unreliable DNS range. Cache data for TCP/IP that is corrupt. Or there might be a few temporary network issues from the ISP’s end, like having a private IP range.

Best Solutions to Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2618-0515 and 0516 Issue

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These are the typical solutions to Nintendo Switch Error Code 2618-0515 or 2618-0516. Try to follow each method one at a time and check if it works.

Discover your NAT Type on Nintendo Switch

  1. Access the system settings.
  2. Next, select the internet tab and the entry for the test connection.
  3. Wait for the test. Additionally, look at the letter assigned to the NAT type. Connecting to anyone is possible by type A, whereas connecting to A, B, and C is doable by B. However, type Ds can only link to type A. The one hindering your connection might be your friend if it is not you. 
  4. Therefore, modify your NAT types as necessary. If it still did not work. 

Configure your DNS Settings

Switch the DNS settings to a more dependable range, like the one offered by Google. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. On the switch controller, click the house icon. Directly below the right analog stick is where you’ll find it.
  2. Access the Settings icon on the Home menu.
  3. Then navigate to Internet settings by clicking the Internet tab.
  4. You will see a list of registered networks. Choose the network that you are currently using. Press A to bring up the context menu, then choose DNS Settings from the list of choices.
  5. On the first try, select Manual. Then, choose Primary DNS and type as the Primary DNS.
  6. Enter next and click the Save button after selecting the Secondary DNS.

Other Methods to Resolve Nintendo Switch Error Code 2618-0515 or 2618-0516

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If the solutions above do not work for you, check out these ways to troubleshoot the error codes on your Nintendo Switch.

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Ascertain the configuration of your home network and the kind of network device you are utilizing: a modem, router, or device that combines both Modem and Router. 
  • Refresh the TCP/IP data by turning your router on and off.
  • Reset the network device you are using. Similar to returning the router’s settings to their factory defaults.
  • Contact your ISP and request that they switch your private IP range to a public IP range if the two steps above this one do not solve the problem.
  • Altering your MTU to 1500 can improve the volume of data you can send and receive at once, which might strengthen your connection. It will be hard to help you connect at first, but once established, it will provide a more reliable connection.
  • If you still need help connecting, there might be a problem with the router or network setup. As a solution, ask the router’s maker for support.
  • Update the router’s firmware.

Hopefully, one of these steps will help you connect with your friend and continue playing again. If not, contact Nintendo for support, and they might provide answers.



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