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Fixing a Permanently Bricked Sony PS5 Gaming Console



Buying a Sony PlayStation 5 is an investment for a lot of people. The added functions and features make up for a better and more upgraded console gaming experience. But what happens when your investment turns sour?

For many people, one of the risks of owning a PS5 console is getting it bricked. When it comes to permanently bricking electronic devices, some people lose hope given the worst circumstance their PS5 is experiencing. If you can’t factory reset or power cycle your gaming consoles when there is an error or hardware problem, your bricked PS5 is immovable.

What Does a Bricked PS5 Look Like

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So, what does it mean to have a bricked PS5? Let’s talk about what a bricked or dead Sony PS5 device is first.

A bricked PS5 means that your console is broken and functions like a brick at the moment. Bricks are heavy materials that do nothing. The same works with your bricked PS5. When it becomes bricked, it does not do anything, it is totally broken.

You cannot hear any noise when you press the buttons. No lights are coming out and it won’t turn on. It means that your PlayStation 5 is dead. What’s more, your PS5 console weighs like a brick.

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What Causes PlayStation 5 Devices to Brick

There are different reasons why your PlayStation5 becomes bricked. A power outage is one of the prevalent causes of bricked PS5. For instance, you are playing with your PS5 console, and the power goes out. It may corrupt your data and brick your device.

Another potential cause is outdated software. If you fail to install updates on your PS5 device software or firmware, it may contribute to possible bricking in the future.

In some instances, users claimed that the Rest Mode feature is also a reason for bricking their PS5. If they enable the feature, it is likely their PS5 will encounter problems.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Permanently Bricked Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Gaming Console

Many users feel hopeless in fixing their permanently bricked or completely dead PS5 device. But, there is a way you can try to make sure you have a bricked console that is given another lease of life.

  • Unplug your power cable and unplug your PS5 from your TV.
  • Wait for at least 2 minutes and plug them back in.
  • Try to turn on your PS5. If it works, you can factory reset your PS5 or update the software. If it does not work, you need to consult an expert to fix it.

Avoid opening your PS5 if it is under warranty. Take it to a Sony retailer or service center and report your bricked PS5.

How to Prevent & Avoid Bricking your PS5 Console

Now that you know what it looks like to have a bricked PS5, you can try to prevent it from happening. Follow these couple of methods:

Method #1 – Always Install Available Software Update on your PS5

  • Launch the Settings menu.
  • Go to System.
  • Select System Software.
  • Click System Software Update and Settings.
  • Go to Update Using Internet.
  • Select Update.

Method #2 – Install a UPS

It will ensure you have enough time to shut down your PS5 properly during power outages.

Method #3 – Turn Off Rest Mode

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Select System.
  • Go to Power Saving.
  • Select the Set Time until you reach the Rest Mode.
  • Choose Don’t Put in Rest Mode.
  • Click Save.

Were you able to find a solution and have your bricked PS5 console fixed? What did you do? You can tell us some more in the comment section below.

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