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Fix Verizon Auto Pay Monthly Bill Discount Not Working with PayPal Debit Cards



Popular in the US, Verizon Wireless provides a variety of plans and services to its clients. However, some Verizon customers have recently complained that their PayPal debit cards are no longer eligible for the autopay monthly bill discount. We’ll investigate the issue further in this article and propose potential resolutions.

Verizon’s Policy on Auto Pay Monthly Bill Discount


Verizon requires users should utilize a “qualified debit card” or a checking/savings account in order to be eligible for the monthly auto pay discount. However, since Verizon’s website does not contain any policy, it is unclear what Verizon deems to be a “qualified debit card.” 

It has just come to light that the discount is no longer available for use with the PayPal Business Debit card. Some customers were surprised that this change occurred without any notice or warning.

Workarounds and Fixes for Verizon Autopay Monthly Bill Discount No Longer Working with PayPal Debit Cards

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Switch to a Qualified Debit Card or Checking/Savings Account

Switching to a compatible debit card or a checking/savings account is one possible fix for the issue of the Verizon autopay monthly bill discount benefits no longer functioning with PayPal debit cards.

For this purpose, you might have to communicate with your banking facility or finance entity, asking about obtaining a new debit card or initiating a different checking or savings account. While some customers might find this inconvenient, it might be necessary to keep getting the bill discount for auto pay.

Contact Verizon Customer Support

On the Verizon website, some users have reported problems altering their payment method, with the autopay page still displaying their old payment method even after updating it. If you encounter similar issues, contacting Verizon customer service for assistance is the optimal approach. 

They might be able to assist you in changing your payment strategy and making sure you get the monthly discounts on your bills payments with autopay setup.

Check Out Prepaid Plans and Payment FAQs

It is important to note that Verizon provides discounts for some of their prepaid plans as well as autopay and paperless billing. For more information, customers who are unable to pay in full by the due date should also consult Verizon’s prepaid billing and payment FAQs. These resources might offer additional details on Verizon account management and payment options.

Switch to a Different Carrier

The fact that the Verizon auto pay monthly bill discount no longer functions with PayPal debit cards may be reason enough for some customers to think about transferring to a competing provider. Even though this may be a severe measure, it might be required for some consumers who are dissatisfied with Verizon’s practices and offerings.

To sum up, users may find it disappointing that the Verizon autopay bill discounts on monthly bills paid with autopay arrangements no longer functions with PayPal debit cards. Some customers may need to think about transferring to another carrier, even though switching to a qualified debit card, checking/savings account, or calling Verizon customer assistance may help to remedy the issue. 

It’s crucial for customers to remain knowledgeable about Verizon’s policies and frequently verify any updates or policy adjustments.



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