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Fix OneNote Copy Text from Picture Option Missing in Windows 10



If you upgraded your Microsoft apps to the UWP version, you have noticed some changes in the features. For instance, some users noted that they no longer see the Copy Text from Picture option on their Microsoft OneNote app. The tool is missing or not working when they try to use it on their Windows 10 PC.

The Copy Text from Picture feature of OneNote makes it easier for you to extract, copy and paste text that you see on images. If you received a business card, scanned notes, or other pictures that you want to note the text on it, the Copy Text from Picture option will allow you to copy the information details instantly. You simply have to enable the text recognition feature on your OneNote settings.

Microsoft OneNote utilizes the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool to allow you to copy and paste the text from the images to your OneNote notes or notebooks. Since the UWP app version of OneNote is cloud-based, it may be the reason why you get the Copy Text from Image option missing issue on the app.


How to Fix OneNote Copy Text from Image Option Missing or Not Working in Windows 10 Computer

Fortunately, you can try to troubleshoot the problem if you cannot use the copy-paste text from an image option on your OneNote app with a few solutions and workarounds. Check each method below and try to follow them one at a time.

Solution #1 – Try Syncing your Microsoft OneNote

You can sync your OneNote app to refresh and update the process if you begin to miss the text recognition option.

  • Click the File button from the Menu bar.
  • Select Info.
  • Click View Sync Status.
  • You can either choose Sync All or Sync Now. 
  • Check if you can access the Copy Text from Picture option.

Solution #2 – Edit your OneNote Notes and Re-sync

Open the notepad on your OneNote app where you want to copy the text. Make some changes. Then, try to sync your notes again. If it does not work, try to do it several times.

Solution #3 – Wait for the Copy Text from Picture Tool to Appear

Sometimes, it takes some time before you can see the Copy Text from Picture feature on your OneNote. Since it is cloud-based, your Internet network connection may be slow. After syncing your notes, wait for a few minutes without leaving the app. You may try syncing again and check if the feature appears this time.

Do you have other workarounds that will help troubleshoot and fix the Microsoft OneNote copy text from images option missing error? We would love to know more solutions! You can share them with our other users in the comment section below.



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