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How to Fix Peloton Bike, Bike+ or Tread Error Code X01TPZ001



The Peloton Bike and Bike+ (Plus) are indoor cycling bikes designed for home use. Both bikes come with a touchscreen display that lets you stream live and on-demand classes from Peloton’s fitness library. The Bike+ has a few additional features, including a swiveling screen, auto-follow resistance, and an Apple Watch integration. Meanwhile, the Peloton Tread brings users next level running experience than those traditional treadmills.

These exercise and fitness machines work smoothly most of the time. But then, troubles come in when you least expect them. Peloton customers complain about the error code X01TPZ001 showing up on their bike or treadmill screens. It comes with the error message “There is an issue with your device. Please call support.”


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How to Troubleshoot and Fix Error Code X01TPZ001 on your Peloton Bike or Bike+ Indoor Bikes and Tread Treadmills

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Don’t worry! This error is also solvable and repairable by following these simple troubleshooting steps!

  1. Turn off the touchscreen and unplug your Bike/Bike+ from the power source.
  2. Disconnect the power/data cable from the brake shroud and remove the plastic shroud over the flywheel by following these steps:
  • Use a 3mm Allen wrench to remove the shoulder bolt from the front of the water bottle holder. Hold the captured nut in place and unscrew the bolt using the 3mm Allen wrench. Set the nut and bolt aside, and pull the water bottle holder off the head tube. 
  • Use the 3mm Allen wrench to remove the shoulder bolt at the front of the shroud. Gently loosen the brake shroud. 
  • Push the USB-C inlet through from the back and carefully pull the wire out of its slot. Once the wire is free, remove the shroud from the Bike/Bike+.
  1. Locate the cable between the sensor board and the shroud where the cable from the handlebars plugs in. Unplug the cable from the sensor board and plug it back in.
  2. Turn on the touchscreen and see if the error persists. If it does, repeat this same process a few more times until the error code disappears.

If the X01TPZ001 error on your Peloton Bike, Bike Plus or Tread machine continues to return, try these additional steps to further diagnose the issue. First, completely remove the USB-C to Sensor Cable and then plug the cable from the bottom of the handlebars directly into the sensor bar. Just remember that you may need to lower the handlebars for you to successfully do this.

Once done and if the error goes away, the issue is likely the USB-C to Sensor Cable. You might need it replaced right away to avoid getting stuck with the same glitch again.

Were you able to get rid of error code X01TPZ001 on your Peloton fitness equipment at home? How did you go about it? Let us know what you think in the comments section down below.

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