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How to Fix Barclays Online Banking Error Code 80100, 1100 or rp002



Online banking is meant to make managing your finances quick and convenient. But when you run into an error code, it can bring everything to a grinding halt. If you bank with Barclays, you may have encountered error codes 80100, 1100, or rp002.

Don’t worry – these issues on Barclays can often be easily resolved so you can get back to banking with ease. This guide will walk you through potential causes and fixes for these common Barclays error codes.

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When you see the error codes on Barclays Online Banking, the following error messages will appear:

“You can’t log in to Online Banking because we don’t recognise those log-in details. Please check them and try again.”

“… 1100 – Sorry – we are unable to log you into Online Banking as your details do not match our records. Please carefully re-enter your details. If you’ve forgotten your log-in details, select either ‘I’ve Forgotten my log-in details?’ or ‘Forgotten membership number’ link. …”

Fixes for Barclays Online Banking Error Code 1100

Error code 1100 is one of the most common login errors for Barclays online banking. It typically appears when you’ve entered incorrect login credentials. Double check that you’re entering the right:

  • Surname – Make sure you’re entering your surname exactly as it appears on your Barclays account. If you’ve recently changed your last name due to marriage or other reasons, you’ll need to update your information with Barclays first.
  • Membership number – This is the unique number assigned to your account. It’s different from your account number. Make sure you have the right one entered.
  • Sort code and account number – These identify your specific account. Enter the correct numbers for the account you’re trying to access.
  • Card number – If you log in with a debit or credit card, the card number needs to be active and not expired. Make sure you’re using a valid card registered to your account.

Double check all of these credentials carefully. Something as simple as a typo could be triggering error 1100.

If you’re certain your login details are correct, error 1100 could mean your account is temporarily locked for security reasons. This can happen after too many failed login attempts. Contact Barclays and they can assist you with unlocking your account.

Troubleshooting Barclays Online Banking Error Code RP002

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The rp002 error code most often appears when using the Barclays Mobile Banking app. It indicates there is an issue with the device you have registered.

A common trigger is getting a new phone and installing the app. If your old device is still set as the active mobile device on your account, you’ll get the RP002 error when trying to log in on your new phone.

To fix this:

  • Log into your Barclays Mobile Banking app on the old device
  • Go to settings and remove the device
  • Try logging into the app on your new device again

This “de-registers” your old phone and allows your new phone to connect properly. If you no longer have access to the old device, you may need to contact Barclays to have them remove it for you.

Persistent rp002 errors can also mean there is a larger technical issue. Reach out to Barclays support if you cannot resolve it using the steps above. They can investigate and troubleshoot further based on your specific account.

Resolve Barclays Online Banking Error Code 80100

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Error code 80100 is not well documented for Barclays online banking. Very limited information is available on what triggers it or how to fix it.

If you encounter 80100, your best bet is to directly contact Barclays. Explain the error you are getting and they will guide you on resolving it.

Because details on 80100 are scarce, it’s likely tied to specific technical issues Barclays manages behind the scenes. Their customer support can look into your account history and activity to pinpoint the problem based on your usage patterns.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.



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