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How to Fix Roblox Error Code 901, 610 or HTTP 400 Bad Request



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Kids and adults both love to create their own world, and Roblox is an exciting platform to do it. You can immerse yourself in a world filled with your imagination and share it with other users. But, there are sometimes hurdles that may prevent you from accessing the Roblox gaming app. You may encounter error codes 901, 610, or 610 HTTP 400 (Bad Request).

It is not unusual to see error codes when you try to play or join a game on the Roblox platform. There can be different reasons for these issues, such as server problems, app update errors, or issues with your Roblox account. Fortunately, there are also ways to fix them.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Roblox Error Code 901, 610, or HTTP 400 (Bad Request)

Check out the solutions below to know how you can troubleshoot and fix the Roblox error codes 901, 610, and HTTP 400 Bad Request. You can try following each repair method one at a time and see if it resolves the Roblox problem or not.

Method #1 – Switch to a Different Device

If you are playing Roblox on your Android or iOS mobile device, you may want to switch to your Windows 10 PC or Mac computer. You can also try it on an Xbox console when available. Accessing Roblox on a different platform may help in fixing the error.

Method #2 – Unlink your Roblox Account

  • Launch the Settings menu of Roblox.
  • Go to Roblox Account.
  • Click or tap Unlink the account.
  • Exit the app. 
  • Relaunch Roblox and sign back in.

Method #3 – Reinstall the Roblox App

If the problem is with your Roblox app, you can reinstall the app. Uninstall it first based on how your device does it. Wait for a few moments. Open your device’s Store section and look for Roblox. Reinstall the app.

Method #4 – Wait for Roblox to Fix the Error

The Roblox server may be down or there might be a massive service outage in your area or region. If that is the case, all you have to do is wait for Roblox to fix the error. You can confirm it by checking their website and official social media channels for updates. You can also check services like DownDetector.com.

Do you have any other solutions that may work in fixing the Roblox error codes 901, 610, and HTTP 400 (Bad Request)? You can share them with us below in the comment section.

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