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How to Remove or Avoid Getting Banned with Pokemon Go Soft Ban



Pokémon, a game that aims to assemble a small team of monsters to compete against other monsters for supremacy, is a popular Japanese television program adored in the 1990s. It was later recreated and made into a video game called Pokemon Go by Niantic, and it became one of the first free virtual reality mobile apps ever launched.

It allowed players to catch Pokemon in real-time and in real locations. Everyone felt nostalgic using this app which successfully gained 5 million users.

What Makes Pokemon Go Fun?

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Players love the variety of features, gameplay, community activities, and thrilling advantages of building a trainer, which is why it is so well-liked. Pokemon characters can be seen on the game map after users have walked around the real world.

The Pokémon will appear on the device screen when users are close enough to capture them by throwing Poké Balls. It is fun because you must gather as many different characters as possible. They made it more enticing because the map is an animated version of Google Maps, where buildings associated with particular Pokemon are used in place of real street names and landmarks. 

The only downside is that it hinders the joy when you experience a soft ban. Any Pokémon you capture during the suspension penalty time will run away, regardless of the sort of ball or berry you choose. Additionally, it restricts you from using Pokéstops and winning gym battles.

Typically, the temporary banning process lasts for 12 hours. Though we must give credit to Niantic, they created a temporary penalty process called soft ban for the safety of their users in an attempt to discourage people from playing Pokemon Go while driving. Additionally, it forewarns you that any such behavior in the future will result in even worse and permanent penalties for your trainer account.

How to Avoid, Get Rid & Remove Pokemon Go Soft Ban Temporary Game Penalty

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But why do you suffer from a soft ban in the first place? The main grounds getting banned or suspended temporarily are sharing accounts, GPS spoofing, and traveling too quickly.

To continuously have fun, why not play the game as intended and get some exercise? That, however, is only sometimes the most excellent option for all players. If you wish to spoof GPS without having a fear of a soft ban, here is what you should never do: 

  • Acquisition of a wild Pokemon
  • A ball is dropped by mistake onto the encounter screen (also applicable to raids)
  • Supplying a berry to a wild Pokémon as food (also relevant to attacks)
  • Pokéstop spinning with a Try Again message owing to the spin restriction
  • Putting a Pokemon inside a gym
  • Feeding a gym defender inside the radar screen
  • Gym fights
  • Letting go of a Pokémon (due to catching limit)
  • Spin and catch using a gotcha device
  • Capturing a Shadow Pokémon
  • Pokéstop spinning for Team Rocket

You can also wait for a little 12 hours if you can not wait for the cool-down period and be stuck with less game time or you can make a new account. 

Uninstall Pokemon Go from your smartphone after logging into your new account, then reinstall it. Enter the login information for the banned account to begin playing, and it will ease the restrictions. You can also visit a Pokestop and spin the coin roughly 40 times before closing it. This activity won’t benefit you in any way, but it does have the effect of lifting the soft ban.

We’re still determining if this is a gaming problem or if someone intentionally confuses the server. If you can collect the rewards from poke stops, the ban is lifted, and you can finally play the game normally.

Key Takeaways

You won’t be able to fully enjoy Pokémon Go if you’re stuck getting a soft ban, but it’s much better than being permanently banned forcing you to delete your account entirely.

Hopefully, our suggestions will be of help to you. Next time, let’s follow the rules because waiting is much better than being sorry.



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