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How to Fix Epic Games Not Sending Authentication or Security Codes to Email Issue



Outside of Steam, Epic Games is one of the only big online game stores available to gamers. It’s a popular service, with tons of different games available, including cultural behemoths like Fortnite being exclusive to the service.

More competition is always welcome however, and we’re happy to see Epic Games stepping up to the plate and challenging Steam’s monopoly on the market.

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Of course, Epic Games isn’t without its flaws, especially considering it’s practically a fledgling service next to its competitor. One of the big issues that tends to crop up for many people is authentication codes and security codes not appearing in people’s emails.

When this happens, it becomes practically impossible to access your Epic Games account, and as such you’re locked away from your games. So what can you do about this problem?

Top Solutions to Fix Epic Games Not Sending Authentication or Security Codes to Email Error

If you’ve faced this gaming issue with your own Epic Games account, then we’re sure you’re aware how irritating it can be to deal with. That’s why we’re here to help you fix this issue and get you through the problem, so that you can back to gaming again without the headaches the issue brings.

We’ve compiled a few simple guides below which should allow you to troubleshoot the problem.

Check your Spam Folder

  • Most of the time, people miss the security code email because it lands in the spam section.
  • Open your email account.
  • On the sidebar, open your Spam folder.
  • Search for any emails from Epic Games.
  • Check if any of them are your security codes.
  • If you don’t want any more security codes going into spam, make sure to mark Epic Games’ emails as not spam.

Check if Epic Games Servers are Up

  • This issue can sometimes come up when Epic Games’ authentication service is down.
  • Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to check since Epic has a website to check on server statuses.
  • To check, go to the Epic Games server status website.
  • Go to the Epic Online Services section and open it.
  • Check if the Authentication servers are operational.
  • If they aren’t, you’ll need to wait until the servers are back up again.

Double Check Your Registered Email Address

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  • If your email address is incorrect, you won’t receive the email you’re looking for.
  • Make sure when you input your email, that there aren’t any typos.
  • If there are any, fix them.
  • Now, the security code should land in your email.

If you’ve followed these simple fixes, then your Epic Games security code should find its way into your email address again. From there, you should be able to access your account as usual and play games again.

We hope we managed to help you fix this problem, and for more fixes just like this, stay tuned.



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