Get Free Repairs for Cracked Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Screens

Some users are reporting external damage to their Surface Laptop 3 screens recently.

Because it is a brand new model and just out for release a few months ago, the cost of repair can translate into a huge amount. With more users complaining about this damage, Microsoft responded and announced that it will offer free repairs to the affected devices.

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The owners of Surface Laptop 3 noticed the sudden appearance of cracks on their computer display. Some users claim that they are have been careful with their computers, but still, the cracks appeared. There have been no clear reasons why the damage occurred.

According to Microsoft, they have been investigating the problem. They have seen a very small percentage of the cases. The possible reason for the mysterious cracking is due to a hard foreign particle on the laptops. It may cause the hairline crack on the glass display without any cause.

Microsoft released the Surface Laptop 3 last October 2019, an update to its Surface Laptop 2. The Surface Laptop 3 is available in two sizes: the 13.5-inch and the 15-inch models. The 15-inch Surface Laptop comes with a new processor.

What are the Requirements to Avail of the Free Repair

The free repair and replacement offer from Microsoft only applies to units with cracks without any visible causes. Surface Laptop 3 units with cracked screens that were clearly obtained from an accident are not eligible for the free repair.

The devices must also be under its warranty period. Surface Laptop 3 owners who already paid for the repairs because of the problem can also receive a refund.

How to Get your Free Repair from Microsoft for the Defective Screens on Surface Laptop 3

One option is to go to any Microsoft Store in your area and have the staff checked and process the repairs for you.

Microsoft Support
Image / Microsoft

Another option is to contact Microsoft Support.

  • Go to and sign in your account.
  • Click Device service and replacement.
  • Register the details of the device you want to repair.
  • Go to Send us your device for service.
  • Click Start a Service Order.
  • Choose an issue type. Continue with the instructions until you complete your order.

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