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Fix Ticketmaster Error Code 0007, 0011 or u001 Web Browser Issue



Ticketmaster is among the leading providers of ticketing and booking services for the entertainment and arts industries in the world right now. Whether you are into sports or concerts, Ticketmaster is often the ultimate go-to place to get your hands on tickets before they run out.

But a lot of users usually end up disappointed when errors pop up just when they are in the middle of buying tickets to their favorite shows. Error codes 0007, 0011 and u001 are some common problems encountered when using Ticketmaster website on any web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Google Chrome. You’ll get one of these errors whether you’re using a mobile phone or a computer device.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Error Code 0007 on Ticketmaster

The error code 0007 indicates that a transaction takes longer than usual to complete. The Ticketmaster error pops up if the completion process takes too long after you tried paying and booking your tickets. To troubleshoot & resolve this problem, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Try to use an incognito window or a private window. You can also change the browser you are using where the error code is showing up. 
  2. Use your mobile browser.
  3. Delete all data, cache files, and browser data. 
  4. Restart the device to check if the problem is fixed. 

Fixing Error Code 0011 on Ticketmaster Website


The error code 0011 on the Ticketmaster website may appear if the cookies or cache data has been corrupted. It is the error that shows up now and then as a result of conflicts with the VPN software or extensions of your browser. The error might also be due to server issues. The steps below might help get rid of this error code:

  1. Use an incognito window to check if it fixes the issue. 
  2. Delete the cookies and cache from the browser. 
  3. Disable the VPN. 
  4. Log out of Ticketmaster and clear the cache. 

Here is another alternative process to remove error code 0011:

  1. Go to the official Ticketmaster website and look for the lock icon located in the top left corner.
  2. Click Clear cookies and site data. 
  3. Restart the browser and check if the issue is resolved. 

Fix Error Code u001 when Using Ticketmaster on Any Browser on Mobile or Computer


Users may encounter the error code u001 when buying tickets for events or concerts at Ticketmaster website using any web browser including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. This particular error code shows up if you try reserving more tickets than what is available at your chosen location. This error message also appears if you are trying to buy tickets that are already sold out. 

To fix this issue, all you have to do is make sure that you book your tickets in other locations with more spaces available. You can also try to check the server status of Ticketmaster, clear the cache of your browser, or switch to incognito mode.

In Conclusion

Getting your hands on tickets for your favorite sporting events and the concerts of the artists you love the most should be done sooner than later to ensure that they don’t run out.

But once any of these errors pop up, it is easy to just give up on your luck. The good news is that the steps above can help you fix the issue to make your ticket purchase a seamless and smooth experience.



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