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How to Fix Windows PC Screen Randomly Zooming In and Out by Itself



Imagine using your Windows PC and all of a sudden, it zooms in and out by itself. How frustrating is that? When you’re in the middle of doing an important task, this is the last problem you’d want to deal with.

Good thing that it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem for you. Here are some of the steps you can take to save yourself from this inconvenience and fix the Windows error.

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Methods to Troubleshoot Windows Screen Randomly Zooming In and Out by Itself Issue

Stop Pinch Zoom Feature on Windows PC

Pinch Zoom may be a nifty feature but this might also be the cause of your annoyance. To ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your tasks, here’s what to do to disable the tool.

  • Press Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  • Type control and press Enter to launch the Windows Control Panel.
  • Scroll down and look for the Mouse option and wait for the pop-up window for Mouse Properties.
  • Choose Device Settings at the upper right side on the top bar. 
  • Click on the touchpad control from the list.
  • Choose Settings and wait for the pop-up window for Properties for Synaptics TouchPad.
  • Look for an uncheck Pinch Zoom.
  • Click Apply and choose OK to finish the process. 

Reinstall Drivers on your Windows PC

The random zooms in and out might also have something to do with your existing drivers for your keyboard, mouse, and touchpad. Reinstalling these drivers might help fix the issue.

  • Launch the Device Manager on your PC.
  • Look for the categories Human Interface Devices, Keyboards, Mice and other pointing Devices.
  • Expand these individual categories.
  • Within these categories, right-click on the drivers individually and choose Uninstall. 
  • Restart your computer after uninstalling the drivers.
  • Windows will automatically install the newest drivers for the previously uninstalled devices.
  • You can also uninstall these drivers and reinstall their latest versions from the official website of the manufacturer. 

Connect Your Mouse to your PC Again 

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Unplug and plug back your mouse into your PC to help you address any concerns related to connections or drivers.

Reboot Your Windows Computer 

Sometimes, a reboot is all that it needs to remove the issue with random zooming in and out of your PC. Remove all peripherals first and restart your PC. After the restart, make sure to check if the issue is gone.

Troubleshoot Devices and Hardware on Windows PC

Random zooming in and out of your PC on its own may be due to issues with the connected devices and hardware. Troubleshooting them may do the trick.

  • Open the Command Prompt on your PC.
  • Copy and paste or type the command msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic.
  • Execute the command by hitting Enter. This will invoke the troubleshooter to start the diagnosis of your PC’s issues related to devices and hardware. 

Troubleshoot Your Windows PC Keyboard 

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Finally, check if the issue lies with your keyboard.

  • Launch a context menu by right-clicking the Start menu in Windows.
  • Choose Settings from the context menu to open the Settings app.
  • Look for and click the Troubleshoot tab on the right part of the Settings app. 
  • Click the tab for Additional troubleshooters in the Troubleshoot settings. A list of all available troubleshooters for Windows will show up.
  • Search for the troubleshooter for the Keyboard.
  • Click the Run button beside the Keyboard troubleshooter to open it. 

Fixing your Windows PC randomly zooming in and out by itself doesn’t often take much effort on your part. A few simple and easy steps are all it takes to get rid of the problem.



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