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Find and Add Friends on Google Stadia



Adding friends on Google Stadia is easy. After you have set up your account, playing a game is more fun when you have friends around. So, find those friends and add them to your Google Stadia to get the games starting.

What is Google Stadia?


If you like to play games on your mobile or laptops, you will find it convenient to play with Google Stadia. It is a cloud gaming service that will let you play games using a remote server. Remote servers of Google will handle the processing power and the games will stream to your device.

Users do not need to download or install any game. There are no physical copies needed to play the game. However, the device must run a Google Chrome browser. It can support laptops, desktop computers, Chromecast Ultra TV, and Pixel 3 and 3a smartphones.

How Does Google Stadia Work?

You can buy a the Stadia Pro subscription to access the game library through your computer or using a remote PC to where you want to play your games. The subscription is at $10 per month. There is no need to use a game launcher and you can play free games.

Another way is using the Stadia Base. This option is not a subscription based where you pay a monthly fee. However, to play a game, you will need to buy them at full price.

How to Find Friends on Google Stadia?

Find friends on Google Stadia
  • Go to the Stadia official website. You can also open your Stadia app.
  • Sign in your account.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, tap the Friends icon.
  • Next, look for the magnifying glass icon and tap to open.
  • Type the username of your friend.
  • Once you see the username of your friend on the search results, click on their profile.

How to Add Friends on Google Stadia?

Add Friends on Google Stadia
  • To add a friend on Google Stadia, follow the procedure above.
  • Next, after you have found the profile of your friend, click the Add button. It will send a friend request.
  • Tap the Back button to go back to your home screen and wait for your friend to accept your request.

How to Accept a Friend Request Invite on Google Stadia?

  • Open your Stadia app and log in your account.
  • Tap the Friends icon.
  • You should see all the friend requests sent to you.
  • Click the username to view the profile.
  • Tap Accept if you want to accept the request or Dismiss to delete the request.


Google Stadia offers more option in your online gaming. What do you think of playing games on Google Stadia? How was your gaming experience? Tell us more in the comments below.



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