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How to Contact Ticketmaster Customer Service via Phone Number, Chat or Email



Experiencing a problem with your tickets purchased through Ticketmaster? Need to change the billing information or have questions about upcoming events?

Contacting Ticketmaster’s customer service is easy, and there are several ways you can reach them. This article will provide an overview of how to contact Ticketmaster customer service via phone number, live chat, or email support.

What Services Does Ticketmaster Customer Service Provide?

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Live Chat

If you need immediate assistance with your purchase or other inquiries, Ticketmaster offers live chat on their website. This is an easy and quick way to get in touch with someone from customer support who can assist you right away. Customers can use the live chat feature by signing into their account and clicking on the Live Chat button on the bottom right of their screen, which is available 24/7.

Phone Support

For more complex problems that require talking directly to a representative. The phone number to reach Ticketmaster Customer Service is 800 653 8000 for the United States and 136 100 for Australia. Representatives are standing by seven days a week and will be able to answer any questions you may have quickly and effectively.

Email Support

They can also email customer_support@ticketmaster.com or fill out a contact form on their Help Desk page if they need assistance with an order or have any other questions about Ticketmaster’s services.

Customers can email their inquiries as well if they prefer not to use the live chat feature. All emails will be answered within 48 hours of sending them into Ticketmaster’s customer service department.

FAQ Section on Ticketmaster Website

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The Ticketmaster website also features an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section where customers can find answers to common issues without having to contact Customer Service. Additionally, this page contains important information such as payment methods accepted, return policy details and ordering procedures which could save time when resolving any issue related to tickets purchased online.

Social Media Outlets

As another form of communication between customers and Ticketmaster representatives, social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook are both useful tools for getting in touch quickly with somebody from the team who can help solve your problem.

Event Pages

Finally, customers can access the “My Events” page directly from the Ticketmaster website in order to contact customer service regarding a specific event they ordered tickets for. All these methods make it easy for people who want help from Ticketmaster’s experienced staff quickly in case of any issues related to ordering tickets online.

Important Things to Note when Getting Help from Ticketmaster Customer Support

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  • The customer service line is open Monday through Friday from 9am-9pm EST and Saturday/Sunday from 10am-7pm EST.
  • Calls typically take less than 5 minutes during peak hours, but could go up to 15 minutes if their staff needs more time to answer your questions or concerns.
  • Phone support agents can assist you with ticket purchases, refunds and cancellations, seating inquiries, delivery issues, account changes and other general topics related to your experience at Ticketmaster events or on their website.

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