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How to Fix Twitter Bookmarks Broken, Not Working or Not Showing Issue



Minor issues such as broken or inaccessible Twitter bookmarks can become a significant hindrance in our digital lives. When these things pop up, many of us feel confused about the next steps. That’s why I am here!

With a step-by-step guide compiled from a variety of tried and tested source, we equip you to handle Twitter issues effectively and efficiently.

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Understand the Twitter Bookmarks Broken, Not Working or Not Showing Issue

Let’s begin by really getting what the problem is. Twitter bookmarks enable us to locate and revisit interesting posts with ease, making them a vital component of our Twitter experience. Therefore, when these bookmarks cease to function, it can disrupt one’s flow on this platform.

Solutions to Resolve Twitter Bookmarks Broken, Not Working or Not Showing Issue

If you are experiencing the Twitter error, here are the methods you can do to troubleshoot the bookmark issue.

Try Refreshing Your Page

Before diving into more complex solutions, let’s keep it simple and start with the most basic step – refreshing your page. This so-often-overlooked action has the potential to re-establish lost connections.

  • Desktops-Laptops Users: Tap the F5 key or utilize the refresh button in your browser.
  • Mobile Devices: Completely close the app, and relaunch it. Ensure that you’re not just minimizing it but closing it.

Clear your Web Browser Cache and Cookies

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If simply restarting doesn’t fix your Twitter bookmarks, you should try the next step – deleting your browser’s temporary files and cookies. This step often clears any clogs in the behind-the-scenes processes of websites and can reinstate your Twitter bookmarks’ functionality.

  1. Initiate your browser’s setting or preferences menu.
  2. Dive into the privacy and security settings arena.
  3. Hunt for an option that enables you to clear browsing data or cookies.
  4. Ensure that you’re clearing both cookies and cache data for maximal effect.

Update Your Twitter App

The world of technology keeps moving forward, and your apps need to stay up-to-speed with these shifts. Hence, ensure that you’re using the most updated version of the Twitter app.

  • Check for any pending updates in your device’s app store.
  • An updated version might have rectified the issue with bookmarks.

Experiment with Different Browsers or Devices

If the problem persists, try opening Twitter on a different browser or device. If the issue seems to be exclusive to a particular platform, it would be wise to direct your troubleshooting guns towards that platform.

Log Out and Log Back In on your Twitter Account

This technique, akin to a mini power-cycle for your account, can sometimes magically fix issues. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose your profile icon and wait for a dropdown menu.
  • Select “Log out” from the options.
  • Subsequently, log back into your account.

Reinstall the Twitter App

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Another slightly elevated troubleshooting step involves uninstalling and then reinstalling the Twitter app, particularly for mobile device users.

  1. Start by removing the current version of the app from your device.
  2. Proceed to the app store specific to your device and search for Twitter.
  3. Download and reinstall the app.
  4. Log back into your account.

Reach Out to Twitter Customer Support

Twitter Support can be instrumental in circumstances where the above steps fail to resolve the issue. Their expertise can assist you through this and any other complications you may encounter on their platform.

During these steps, patience would be your best ally as you might undergo several trials and errors to pinpoint a solution. Rest assured, with these troubleshooting steps in your arsenal, your bookmarks will be accessible in no time and your Twitter experience restored to normalcy.

Hopefully, this extensive guide provides you with a comprehensive strategy to combat the issue of broken, non-working, or invisible Twitter bookmarks and helps restore your Twitter browsing to its optimum functionality.



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