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Delete Movies or TV Shows from Disney Plus’ Continue Watching List



Streaming on Disney Plus gives you thousands of options for streaming ranging from classic series to new movies. You can revisit old TV shows that you have loved before as well as check out newly released films.

There is a lot to look forward to on Disney Plus since new titles are available and released regularly. But, not all shows are within your liking. Some series may look good on the trailers but not that great after watching for several minutes.

Once you played an episode of a series or start streaming a movie, it automatically adds to your Continue Watching list if you cannot finish watching it. The Continue Watching feature is useful if you want to continue streaming titles you have previously played.

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But, what if you don’t like an episode after watching it for a few minutes? It will only end up on your Continue Watching and add up to the long list of unfinished movies and shows you need to scroll. For most people, the process becomes annoying.

The best thing to do is to declutter your Continue Watching list and delete some titles. On Disney+, there is no button you can simply click to remove a movie or episode from the queue. Still, there are ways on how you can get rid of unwanted shows on your Continue Watching list.

How to Get Rid and Remove Titles from Continue Watching List on Disney Plus

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To remove a title on Continue Watching queue on Disney Plus, you can try one of the two solutions below.

Solution #1 – Fast Forward the Movie or TV Series Episode

Ending a movie or a TV series episode is a sure way to delete a title on the Continue Watching list of Disney Plus. It automatically deletes the content after you have finished until the end of the credits.

To clear or hide a movie title from your list, fast forward it to the end until you have exhausted the end credits. For TV series, you can go to the last episode of the show. Then, fast forward it to the end credits to completely get rid of it from your watch list.

Solution #2 – Use a Different Disney+ Profile for Test Watching Shows

Use a Different Profile for Test Watching Shows on Disney Plus

Disney+ allows its users to have up to seven profiles in one account. But, not everyone can maximize the limit and only use one or two profiles for themselves and household. If you have a spare profile on your account, you can use it to test watch new shows before you play them on your primary profile.

Look for a title on your spare profile and play it. If you like it, you can watch it on your primary account. But, if you don’t want it, the show will add to the Continue Watching list of your spare profile and not on your primary one.

What solution above have you tried so far, and which works better? You can share your comments with us down below.



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