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Fix Unable to Connect to Disney Plus Issue on Launch Day



The newly launched Disney+ (pronounced “Disney Plus”) service is encountering a major hiccup with users seeing “Unable to Connect to Disney+” error on its first day. Disney’s streaming service has been received warmly by users that it went down hours after it has gone live.

However, this error seems to be only affecting certain users although affected users who vented out on Twitter are getting really massive by the hour.

The Disney Streaming Services team are surely prepared for this kind of disaster. It is our hope that the issue will be resolved soon and the performance of the service will become stable. A lot of curious users are trying out the service as a Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or HBO alternative. Many of them are getting the free trial.

Here are some troubleshooting methods you can try while we’re waiting for Disney to stabalize the Disney+ Streaming Service.

How to Fix Unable to Connect to Disney+ Streaming Error


Check your Internet connection

Sometimes the Internet may be slow due to your location or the presence of multiple devices connected to the same network.

Also check the strength of your connection. If it is weak, try connecting to a Wi-Fi router. A reliable Internet connection will allow you to take full advantage of Disney+.

To see if there is a problem with the application itself or with your Internet connection, try this:

  • Check the Wi-Fi power icon. On Apple devices, this feature is usually located in the upper left corner. If it is low, you may have trouble connecting to the Internet.
  • Make sure the device is not in flight mode. You can check this in your device settings.
  • Check other applications that require an Internet connection. If other services do not work, you may have problems connecting to the Internet.

Reboot your device

Turn off the device completely. After safely disconnecting the device, turn it on again. Restarting the devices is often the easiest way to solve problems like this.

Uninstall and reinstall the Disney+ app

Please note that if you uninstall the Disney+ app, your downloaded files will be deleted from the device. However, your profiles and favorites will remain because they are linked to your account, not to the device itself.


Hopefully, any of these basic troubleshooting steps will help in restoring your connection to Disney+. But if not, we can’t do anything more than just to wait it out for the Disney+ team to fix this issue. We’re hoping it’s soon.

You can also monitor the development of this issue on Twitter.



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