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Fix Sending Failed Error 368 in Facebook Messenger



One of the reasons why people love to send messages through Facebook Messenger is the unlimited messages that it offers.

You can send hundreds of messages to different people anytime without paying for it. It allows users to enjoy long conversations with friends all the time.

However, some users reported a sending failed error. When they send a message to a friend or within a group chat, the error #368 appears in Facebook Messenger.

Other variations of the error include these error messages:

"You can't reply to this conversation"
"Message could not be sent, Tap for details."

Reasons Why You Encounter Facebook Messenger Error 368

There are different reasons for the error code 368 on Messenger. Take note that Facebook is improving its security features to protect its users from spam. Your contact may be filtered as spam by Facebook.

Facebook also blocked the link attached to your message thus not getting through. In some cases, you may be sending your messages fast without any delay. Some users receive the same error if they are sending or attempting to post a large number of the same messages.

If there are users who have marked your messages as spam, it may also be a reason for the Facebook Messenger error.

So, How do you Fix Sending Failed Error #368 on Facebook Messenger?

Method #1 – Wait for Several Minutes

There may be technical difficulties in Facebook that trigger the error when you send a message. Waiting for at least half an hour before attempting to resend your message can help you get through successfully.

Method #2 – Restart Your Mobile Phone


A quick restart can refresh your mobile phone including the apps installed. After restarting your phone, open your Facebook Messenger and try sending it again.

Method #3 – Restart Facebook Messenger App

It also helps to restart the app to give it a fresh start. Close your Facebook Messenger. Wait for several seconds before relaunching it. Try sending the message again.

Method #4 – Update your Facebook Messenger

Go to the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android users. Search for Facebook Messenger and update if there are available updates.

Method #5 – Check your Internet Connection

network and internet settings windows 10

You may have a poor Internet connection that is why your messages are not getting through. You can also open a website on your browser to check if you are connected or not.

Method #6 Reinstall the Messenger App


Uninstall your Facebook Messenger and reinstall it. Open your Messenger and try sending it again.

If all of the above methods do not work, you may also report it to Facebook. Login to your Facebook account. On the top right corner, look for Help & Support and click Report a Problem.

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