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How to Hide IP Address & Send Gmail Emails Anonymously



Emails are the backbone of business communication in the modern internet age. Gone are the days when emails were simply methods to talk to others, now they’re mostly used for important topics such as work, discussions, and most commonly, document transfers. But, for some, the fact that your IP is on full display when you send an email on Gmail can be somewhat annoying.

Privacy-concerned users will undoubtedly see this as a breach of their privacy, and for good reason. With your IP address exposed when you use the Google email service, someone could potentially find out where you live, and just the very prospect of something like this happening is terrifying for most. So, what can you do to keep your IP address hidden, make sure that you’re not being traced, and remain anonymous when you need to send those emails?

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How to Hide & Disable Gmail IP Address Tracker to Remain Anonymous When Sending Emails

There are several methods we can use to turn off the Gmail IP tracker and keep your IP address hidden when sending emails. Today, we’ll be running you through a few of them in our step-by-step guides so that you too can maintain your privacy online and anonymously send an email without exposing your IP address. So, with that all out of the way, let’s get right into it.

Solution 1: Use a VPN Service

  • Look up your options for a VPN online and apply for one that fits your needs and price range.
  • Enable your VPN.
  • Go to your Gmail client and send an email.
  • Your IP address will be a spoofed one, and not your real IP address.

Some trusted VPN companies we recommend:

Solution 2: Switch to Mobile Data or Public Wi-Fi

  • Instead of using your home Wi-Fi internet network, use your mobile data connection or a public WiFi connection.
  • A mobile data connection will assign you a different IP address based on your device.
  • Public Wi-Fi cannot be tracked to your location, but simply to a public place.
  • Send your emails without any worries.

Solution 3: Use The Tor Browser

  • The Tor Browser bounces your signal around multiple times, leading to your data being fully anonymous when using it.
  • Use Gmail app or website to send emails as you usually would.
  • Your IP address will be completely different due to the signal being bounced.


If you’ve followed all the steps we’ve given, then you should be perfectly good to go with sending emails from your Gmail client. Your IP will be completely obscured and safe from prying eyes no matter what. We hope you found this guide helpful, and stay tuned for more tips and fixes like this!



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