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How to Remove or Disable a 2FA Account with Keys & Tokens in Authy



Having your 2FA keys, codes and tokens in Authy is one of the surefire ways to ensure that your online accounts are protected. Whether it’s for social media, a video game or some other service, Authy authenticator service offers some of the best protection features that can be offered today.

While the Authy app can be amazing, you may one day find yourself losing the need for it with one of your accounts. If that is the case, there should at least be a straightforward way to remove or disable an account you’ve set up with this service.

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In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to disable 2FA with your account on Authy. Follow our information closely and be sure to apply the steps when you need to.

Removing Two-Factor Authentication Accounts from your Authy App on Any Device

The methods described below will help you successfully remove the two-factor authentication (2FA) or 2-step verification accounts you’ve set up with this application. However, they are mainly dependent on the type of device you’re using.

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Delete 2FA Account on Authy Android App

  1. Open the Authy app on your Android device
  2. Tap and hold your chosen authenticator account
  3. Select Remove
  4. A notification will pop up indicating that the account will be deleted in 48 hours. Tap Ok

Use the Settings Menu to Remove 2FA on Android Authy App

  1. Open the Android App for Authy
  2. Tap the three horizontal dots in the top-right corner, then select Settings
  3. Select Accounts
  4. Tap the three horizontal dots next to the account you’d like to remove, then choose Remove
  5. A notification will pop up indicating that the account will be deleted in 48 hours. Tap Ok

Remove 2FA Accounts on Google Chrome Browser

If you want to delete a 2FA account token on Google Chrome, you can actually do it pretty easily on Chrome.

  1. First, open Authy on Chrome
  2. Select the settings icon in the top-left corner
  3. Click on External Accounts
  4. Select the Trash Can icon next to your chosen authenticator account
  5. The same notification from previous instructions will pop up here, telling you that the account will be deleted in 48 hours. Accept.

Deleting Authy 2FA Accounts on iOS Device/iPhone

  1. Open Authy on your iPhone or iOS device
  2. Go to Settings in the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Select Accounts at the bottom panel
  4. Go to the account you want to remove, and slide it to the left
  5. Tap on Delete to remove the 2FA privileges

Removing 2FA Accounts using Authy Desktop App

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If you’re one of the rare people using the Authy Desktop app, you’re probably aware that it allows you to remove 2FA as well. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Authy app
  2. Click on Settings at the bottom-right corner
  3. Go to Accounts
  4. Select the authenticator account that you’d like to remove
  5. Delete
  6. You’ll see the same notification in previous guides, telling you that it will be completely gone in 48 hours

Authy is a great authenticator tool, and they make it convenient to stop using if you ever need to. That’s why you should pay close attention to the steps above.



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