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How to Access and Use the Emoji Bar in your Windows 10 PC



It is fun to send emails or write messages if you can add a little flair to it. Rather than just typing letters and words, you can best represent your moods thanks to Emojis. These small icons are representations of different emotions or activities that you want to emphasize in your text.

For instance, if you are feeling grateful to a person and are touched by a gesture, you can add a smiling emoji surrounded by hearts. That way, your receiver will know that you feel loved. If you are feeling depressed but cannot put it into words, a sad and crying emoji will help you express it.

Microsoft has integrated emoji into its Windows 10 Operating System and it has become useful to many users. Now, you can add emoji to your email or text documents with just a few clicks. Microsoft features the Emoji bar, which combines different kinds of emoji in one bar for users to choose from. You can choose an emoji to use for any file or app.

What is an Emoji Bar on Windows 10?

Emoji bar is a pop-up window that you can bring up anytime you need to add or type an emoji to your file. It is not a virtual keyboard or a part of the keyboard on your computer. But, it appears only when you type the right command and disappears after.

You will see three different categories in the Emoji bar. First category if the regular emojis that you usually see on your mobile devices. You will find all the common emojis that you have been using.

Credit: Microsoft

The second is Kaomoji. It is a new type of emoji for anime lovers. The emojis looked like characters in anime and only useful if you understand the meaning of each symbol. The last one is the special symbols that you can also find in your texts. You can find different arrows or shapes that are uncommon to the keyboard.

How to Access and Use Emoji Bar in Windows 10

To access the Emoji Bar in your Windows 10 PC, you will need to use the keyboard shortcut Win+. Press the Win button and tap the + sign to open a new emoji bar window. From there, you can choose the emoji you want to use. It helps if you are on your text document when you open the Emoji Bar.

Credit: Microsoft

Navigate around the bar using the tabs or the arrow keys. When you reach the emoji that you want to use, press Enter to add it to your text file.

Now, with the various emojis, you can better express yourself in a fun way. What do you think of Microsoft’s Emoji Bar? Do you like Kaomoji? Let us know in the comments below.


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