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How to Enable PDF Read Aloud Feature in Microsoft Edge



Reading aloud is a learning tool that helps students learn how to say the correct pronunciation of the words and how to properly use commas and interjections. Some students thrive better as they are considered audio learners, which means that they understand better if they listen rather than reading the words.

Microsoft Edge browser has a read-aloud feature that enables its users to listen to the words while following along on the screen. The Immersive Reader in the browser has the Learning Tools features that will read aloud webpages or PDF files to users.

What is Microsoft Edge Read Aloud Feature

The read-aloud feature is available on the latest version of Microsoft Edge Chromium. It supports non-store EPUB files and is available to several languages.

As of now, the feature is still under experiment. However, users can try it by simply enabling the feature on their Edge browser.

How to Enable the Read Aloud Feature for PDF Files in Microsoft Edge

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Enabling the Read Aloud feature is easy but you must update your Microsoft Edge to its latest version. It is currently available for Microsoft Edge Canary v84.0.512.0 or later. Microsoft might soon release the feature for the public along with Edge version 84 update.

  • First, launch your Microsoft Edge browser.
  • On the address bar, type the following: edge://flags/#edge-read-aloud-pdf.
  • Look for Read Aloud in PDF and click to open a drop-down menu.
  • Click Enabled.
  • Restart your browser.

Now, launch your browser again and start using the read-aloud feature. To use it, just open a PDF file in your Edge browser or you can open a webpage. On the menu bar, click the Read Aloud button. It will then start to read aloud the text.

That’s It!

It is that easy! Enabling the read-aloud feature will give you added choices to how you want to read and learn from your PDF files. What do you think of the new feature in Microsoft Edge? We would love to know your thoughts so drop us a comment below.