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How to Fix HTTP 403 Forbidden Error on Reddit is Fun (RIF)



Reddit is Fun or simply RIF, is a well-loved app among numerous Reddit users. Thanks to this seamless platform, they can browse the entire Reddit community and interact with its members.

But while RIF is meant to be all fun, things don’t always go this way, especially once the users start encountering issues, including the HTTP 403 forbidden error.

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Troubleshoot Reddit is Fun (RIF) HTTP 403 Forbidden Error

If you’re getting the same error, don’t worry because you’re not the only one dealing with it. This article gives you a quick guide about the different methods that you can try to get rid of the error as soon as possible.

This way, you can go back to having a fun and enjoyable Reddit experience without facing any annoying issues along the way.

Check Your Internet Connection

Probably the first and most important step you can take to resolve the HTTP 403 forbidden error on Reddit is Fun is to make sure that you’re connected to a fully functioning and stable internet connection. An unstable and poor network connection might deny you access to the service, thus resulting in errors popping up now and then.

Clear RIF App Data and Cache 

You can also try to clear the existing data and cache of your Reddit is Fun app. Don’t worry because it doesn’t take much to do so.

  • Just go to the settings menu of your device.
  • Go to Apps, choose Reddit is Fun.
  • Click Clear Cache.
  • Once everything has been deleted, try opening the app again and check if the HTTP 403 forbidden error is gone.

Confirm the Authorization of Subreddits

Some subreddits might be restricted or private and you will only be able to view them with the necessary approval or invitation. You might end up getting the HTTP 403 forbidden error while using Reddit is Fun if you try to access these subreddits without the necessary authorization.

Wait and Try Again Later

The Reddit API might encounter some temporary problems that might result in the occurrence of an HTTP 403 forbidden error while using Reddit is Fun. If ever this is the case, you cannot do much.

Instead, you have to wait for some time and try once again a bit later. Waiting might be a bit too much but this might help fix the issue.

Use Other Apps Instead

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If you have already tried all the steps above to no avail, your last resort might sound a bit harsh but is your only option.

When the issue persists, you can look for and use other similar third-party apps including Sync, Relay, or Apollo.

Of course, it’s understandable if you still prefer Reddit is Fun but in the meantime, if you’re still getting an error code, the next best thing you can do is to find an alternative for it.

Reddit is Fun truly lives up to its name as it offers a fun experience to Reddit users. However, if you ever encounter an HTTP 403 forbidden error while using the platform, the steps above might help you go back to all the fun you’re missing out on!



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