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Fix Xfinity Mobile eSim Activation Not Working Issues on iPhone 14/Pro



You’re not alone if you recently updated to an Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 14 Plus and are having trouble with eSIM activation with Xfinity Mobile.

Numerous users have reported having identical issues, but fortunately, there are a number of fixes you may try to resolve the new SIM error.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Xfinity Mobile eSim Activation Not Working Issues on iPhone 14/Pro Model Device

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We’ll go over the steps you may take to fix eSIM activation problems on your iPhone 14 iOS device for Xfinity Mobile in this article.

Step 1: Verify the EID number and Apple iPhone 14 Device Model

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It’s essential to confirm that your iPhone 14 model supports eSIM before moving further with eSIM activation. Only the eSIM-only iPhone 14 models, according to Xfinity Mobile’s help page, may activate without a Wi-Fi network. Go to: 

  1. Settings 
  2. General 
  3. About 
  4. And check the EID number on your iPhone 14. 

Assuming that you are experiencing difficulty tracking down any numbers, get in touch with Apple Help.

Step 2: Upgrade Device on Xfinity Mobile Account

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The next step is to upgrade your handset on your Xfinity Mobile account if your iPhone 14 model supports eSIM. Go into your account on a PC or Mac and select “my devices” to do this. Click “change device” after selecting the device you want to upgrade. Your new iPhone will encourage you to enter the IMEI number at Settings > General > About > IMEI #1. Finally, verify the transfer phone number and key in the authentication code that was given to your previous phone.

Step 3: Reset Network Settings

You might need to reset your network settings on your iPhone 14 if you recently inserted a new eSIM profile in order to make sure it functions properly. Go to:

  1. Settings 
  2. General 
  3. Transfer or Reset iPhone 
  4. Reset 
  5. Click Reset Network

Step 4: Wait and Restart Your Phone

The majority of the time, waiting can assist fix eSIM activation issues. Try rebooting your iOS mobile phone by turning the power on and off if the problem continues. If this is ineffective, navigate to Settings > General > About, wait for the Transporter Settings Update prompt to show up, and afterward click “Update.”

Step 5: Contact Xfinity Mobile Customer Support

It is essential to get in touch with Xfinity Mobile’s customer service for additional help if none of the above fixes work. They can provide extra solutions and assist with problem-solving.

Step 6: Visit the Help Page for Xfinity Mobile

See Xfinity Mobile’s support page for more troubleshooting instructions if you’re still having problems with eSIM activation on your iPhone 14.

Other Troubleshooting Tips for eSIM Issues on iPhone for Xfinity Mobile

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While though eSIM activation problems can be annoying, it’s important to keep in mind that they do happen occasionally. Similar problems have been reported by other consumers, and Xfinity Mobile has offered a number of fixes to assist with their resolution. You can solve the issue and successfully activate your eSIM by following the above-mentioned steps.

Also, it’s crucial to remember that Xfinity Mobile supports eSIM on compatible smartphones, including the iPhone 14 series. You can configure your eSIM by following the instructions provided on the Xfinity website if your phone is eSIM-compatible. Also, by following the instructions on Xfinity Mobile’s support page , you can activate your eSIM on your iPhone 14 as well.

It is useful to have your account information and device information on hand when contacting Xfinity Mobile customer care for assistance. This will make it simpler for the representative to help you and find a swift solution.

When activating your eSIM on an iPhone 14, there are a few additional steps to take in addition to those mentioned above. Ensure you have a dependable internet connection first. Activation problems may be brought on by a shaky or unreliable connection. Also, confirm that your device’s APN settings and carrier settings are right.

Wrapped Up

In conclusion, activating an eSIM for Xfinity Mobile on an iPhone 14 doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You may quickly resolve any activation issues and begin using your eSIM by following the steps indicated above and contacting Xfinity Mobile’s customer care if necessary.



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