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How to Use Apple Music on Google Assistant Smart Speakers



Bridging the gap between Google and Apple continues to expand now that Apple Music is becoming available to more Google devices. You can stream Apple Music on your Android device through Bluetooth. But now, Google makes it more possible for you to have a better streaming experience with the app.

Apple Music is now available on Google Assistant enabled Smart Speakers. You can listen to your favorite tunes on the app with a more enhanced and surround speaker that gives you all the control. Apple Music will be rolling out to Google Nest Audio, Nest Mini, Home Mini, Nest Hub Was, and more.

The main advantage is for you to take control of using your voice. You don’t have to tap on your device to play, pause, or select music. Just command your Google Assistant to play a song or a playlist, and it will surround your house with great tunes.

How to Set Up and Stream Apple Music on Google Nest Smart Speakers

Credit: Google

To get started on playing Apple Music to your Google Assistant Speakers, you will need to link your Apple Music account to the Google Home App.

  • Launch your Google Home app.
  • Login to your account.
  • Navigate to the Assistant Settings.
  • Select Music.
  • Look for Apple Music. If you have not seen it, tap the More music services button.
  • Now, link your Apple Music account.
  • Type your Apple Music account. Make sure that you are using your Apple Music log in if it is different from your Apple ID.
  • You can also set Apple Music as your default music streaming service.

Play Apple Music Using Google Nest Audio and Other Nest Smart Speakers

Credit: Apple

After linking your Apple Music to your Google Assistant device, you can start playing music. Say, “Hey Google, play this playlist.” You can also ask Google to play your entire library collection or play a specific song. Just say the command, “Hey Google, play this.” If you have more than one Google Assistant smart speaker, you can ask Google to play your music to all your speakers.

The new feature is rolling out in the US, France, UK, Japan, and Germany. Are you excited to stream your Apple Music app on your Google Assistant Speaker? Let us know in the comments below.


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