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How to Fix Logitech Flow Copy & Paste Not Working on Windows PC or Mac Computer



Logitech Flow truly lives up to its name as it allows a seamless flow of using the same keyboard and mouse to work on several devices and screens. You can seamlessly copy files among multiple computers in just a few clicks, saving you from the trouble of using a USB device from one device to another.

But here’s the catch: Logitech Flow isn’t always as flawless as it should be. Sometimes, its copy-and-paste feature doesn’t work on Windows PCs and Mac computers.

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Troubleshoot Logitech Flow Copy & Paste Not Working on Windows PC or Mac Computer Issue

If you’re having the same issue on Logitech, check out the following methods that you can try.

Check Your Wireless Network

Most of the time, poor and unstable internet connection is the reason why Logitech Flow’s copy-and-paste feature doesn’t work. Before anything else, see to it that your connection is fast with low ping. All of your devices must also be connected to one network with no restrictions whatsoever.

Keep Logitech Options Updates

Logitech regularly updates the Flow software with new features added to ensure that it supports more devices. If an older version of Logitech Options is installed in one of the devices, don’t expect the Flow setup to work properly.

To prevent the copy-and-paste feature from malfunctioning on Logitech device, see to it that all devices are installed with the newest Logitech Options version.

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Switch Off Malwarebytes or Antivirus Software

Image credit: Malwarebytes

It’s common for users to install different antimalware and antivirus software programs to protect their devices from attacks and threats online. However, a lot of users noted that Malwarebytes, in particular, actively block access to the full operation of Logitech Flow.

You can try disabling or better yet, uninstalling Malwarebytes to check if this fixes the problem. This also applies to other antimalware or antivirus apps installed on your devices.

Set Your WiFi Network as a Private

The official forums of Logitech stated that the Flow feature doesn’t function on public networks. If you’re using a Mac computer and you connect to a WiFi network, it will automatically assign it as private except when stated otherwise.

But things are different for Windows PCs. Logitech Flow will only work properly if your WiFi network profile is set as private.

  • To do this, go to Windows settings and then WiFi settings. Look for the Network profile then set this as private.
  • Restart your Windows PC to check if the copy-and-paste feature already works.

Configure Your Windows Firewall

Image credit: Microsoft

Incorrect configuration on Windows Firewall may also result in issues with Logitech Flow. Windows Firewall is the built-in security system that helps keep your PC safe from online attacks.

The only downside is that it may also reject or even block all the requests that Logitech Flow services make, preventing the copy-and-paste feature from working. To keep things working seamlessly, remove Logitech services from your Windows Firewall. 

What was supposed to be an easy flow can get disrupted if one function of your Logitech Flow doesn’t work properly. Be sure to try the methods above to continue enjoying the Logitech Flow services on your Windows PC or Mac computer.

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