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Generate Email Aliases On-Demand with Firefox Private Relay



There are some things we want to do online that requires giving our personal information. For instance, we want to sign up for a newsletter, so we enter our email addresses. When we want to register an account to a website, we also provide our email addresses as well as our full names.

But, such activities are risky and prone to hacking. Many hackers prey on these methods to retrieve your email addresses. Mozilla Firefox has a solution to offer. Mozilla is working on a browser extension that will help protect your personal accounts without preventing you from your Internet activities. The Firefox Private Relay offers its users email aliases that they can use in place of their actual email accounts.

So, instead of using your email address when signing up to an account, answering an online survey, or signing up for a newsletter, Firefox Private Relay will give you an email alias to use.

How Does Firefox Private Relay Works

When you use the Private Relay, your real email address will be concealed. Private Relay will store your primary email address and generate email aliases that you can use to sign up or register online. When email messages are sent to your email aliases, Firefox will process these messages and then forward it to your real address.

Windows Dispatch / Mozilla

According to Mozilla, Firefox Relay will not store or read the messages. Once they delivered the message to your primary address, these are deleted for your privacy and protection.

The Firefox Private Relay works similarly to Apple’s Sign in with Apple feature.

How to Generate Email Aliases On-Demand with Firefox Private Relay

NOTE: Firefox Private Relay is currently on beta testing and is running on invite-only mode.

Windows Dispatch / Mozilla

The Firefox Private Relay works as a browser extension so you can easily generate email aliases on-demand.

  • Join the Waitlist at https://relay.firefox.com/.
  • Download the Firefox Private Relay extension.
  • Select the icon that appears on your Firefox toolbar to access the sign in page.
  • Once you receive your email invitation, sign in with your Firefox account to get started.
  • When you want to use the Private Relay, click the relay button. It will generate an email alias for you. It’s a new, random address that ends in @relay.firefox.com.
  • You can then enter the alias when you are giving your email address to a website.

Once you are finished using the email alias or when you already begin to receive spam messages, you have the option to disable it or completely delete the account.

Sending your email address to unknown websites is a lot of risks. But, with the Private Relay, your personal information will be hidden from hackers.

What do you think of Mozilla’s Firefox Private Relay? We want to know your thoughts, so drop us a comment below.



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