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How to Create and Send a Group Email using Gmail



Gmail is one of the widely used email service provider that most people trust. Sending an email has become an easy and fast way for people to communicate all over the world. However, imagine the time-consuming process when you have to send an email to 20 people and have to do it one at a time.

Now, there are ways on how you can send a group email in Gmail without going through the tedious process. Before that, let’s see first the benefits of sending a group email.

  • It saves you time from picking out addresses one at a time, copy and pasting it, and sending the email.
  • It saves you frustration from having to do the time-consuming process.
  • It is an effective way to distribute bulk emails in less time.
  • It is efficient to use for email marketing and promotion.

So, how do you send a group email in Gmail?

How to Create a Group in Gmail


If you will frequently send a group email to the same email addresses, you can create a group for them. Creating a group will group the contacts that you want to send an email and store all the email addresses. That way, you can send an email through the group.

  • First, go to your Gmail.
  • On the right side, click the nine-dot icon to open the menu for all Google Apps.
  • Select Contacts.
  • Next, choose the contacts that you want to include in one group.
  • Then, look for the label icon on the top and click.
  • Select Create Label.
  • Type the name of the group.
  • Click Save.

How to Send Group or Bulk Emails in Gmail

Now you can start sending group emails using the label you created. Just make sure that the contacts in your label have email addresses or else, any label will not show up in the “to:” section in your Gmail email editor.

How to Create and Send a Group Email using Gmail
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  • Go to your Gmail.
  • Select Compose at the top left corner.
  • In the recipient’s box, type the name of the group and press Enter. You will then see their email addresses.
  • Type in your email and hit Send.

How to Add Contacts From the Group

  • Go to your Google Contacts.
  • Select the email addresses that you want to add to the group.
  • Click Manage Labels at the top and select the group.
  • Click Apply.

How to Remove Contacts From the Group

  • Go to your Google Contacts
  • Select the contacts that you want to remove from the group.
  • Click Manage Labels and select the group where the contacts belong. However, instead of checking the group, you have to uncheck it to remove the contacts.
  • Click Apply.

That’s it! Now, it is much easier for you to send bulk emails to more people and save you time and effort.

What do you think of the method above? Tell us in the comments below.


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