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Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts and How to Use Them



More and more organizations and companies use Microsoft Teams as their online collaboration tool of choice. That’s mostly because of the strong support from Microsoft by regularly bringing in robust features and functionalities to the tool.

It’s undeniable that using a keyboard shortcut is the easiest way to accomplish a task on your computer. And, using Microsoft Teams is no exception. The good thing is, Microsoft has created loads of hotkey combinations you can use at your own disposal.

We’ve listed below all the keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys for Microsoft Teams apps on Windows and macOS. Unfortunately, though, Microsoft is not allowing customized keyboard shortcuts as of the moment. But, I’m sure it will come in the next versions of the app. The Microsoft Disability Answer Desk can help those who use the keyboard shortcuts for accessibility reasons.

Microsoft Teams Hotkeys and Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows and Web App

We have listed below every keyboard shortcut and hotkeys that are available for the Windows version of Microsoft Teams. These work on Windows 10 and various other versions of Windows. Everything is almost similar to that of Microsoft Teams web version so, we’ve included it in this list as well. The slight differences are being noted accordingly.


  • Show Full List of Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl+.
  • Search: Ctrl+E
  • Show Commands: Ctrl+/
  • Goto: Ctrl+G (Web: Ctrl+Shift+G )
  • Start New Chat: Ctrl+N (Web: Left Alt+N)
  • Open Settings: Ctrl+,
  • Open Help: F1 (Web: Ctrl+F1)
  • Zoom In: Ctrl+=
  • Zoom Out: Ctrl+-


  • Open Activity: Ctrl+1 (Web: Ctrl+Shift+1)
  • Open Chat: Ctrl+2 (Web: Ctrl+Shift+2)
  • Open Teams: Ctrl+3 (Web: Ctrl+Shift+3)
  • Open Calendar: Ctrl+4 (Web: Ctrl+Shift+4)
  • Open Calls: Ctrl+5 (Web: Ctrl+Shift+5)
  • Open Files: Ctrl+6 (Web: Ctrl+Shift+6)
  • Go to Previous Item: Left Alt+Up
  • Go to Next Item: Left Alt+Down
  • Go to Previous Section: Ctrl+Shift+F6
  • Go to Next Section: Ctrl+Shift+F6
  • Move Selected Team Up: Ctrl+Shift+Up
  • Move Selected Team Down: Ctrl+Shift+Down


  • Go to Compose: C
  • Expand Compose: Ctrl+Shift+X
  • Send (In Expanded Compose Box): Ctrl+Enter
  • Attach: Ctrl+O
  • Insert Return: Shift+Enter
  • Reply to Thread: R
  • Mark Important: Ctrl+Shift+I

Meetings and Calls

  • Accept Video Call: Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Accept Audio Call: Ctrl+Shift+S
  • Decline Call: Ctrl+Shift+D
  • Start Audio Call: Ctrl+Shift+C
  • Start Video Call: Ctrl+Shift+U
  • Toggle Mute: Ctrl+Shift+M
  • Toggle Video: Ctrl+Shift+O
  • Toggle Fullscreen: Ctrl+Shift + F
  • Go to Sharing Toolbar: Ctrl+Shift+Space

Microsoft Teams Hotkeys and Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac and Web App

Here are the keyboard shortcuts you can use for Microsoft Teams app on macOS. Like in Windows, the web app version uses a bit different set of hotkeys, so they are duly noted in the list below.


  • Show Full List of Keyboard Shortcuts: Cmd+.
  • Search: Cmd+E
  • Show Commands: Cmd+/
  • Goto: Cmd+G (Web: Cmd+Shift+G)
  • Start New Chat: Cmd+N (Web: Option+N)
  • Open Settings: Cmd+, (Web: Cmd+Shift+,)
  • Open Help: F1 (Web: Cmd+F1)
  • Zoom In: Cmd+=
  • Zoom Out: Cmd+-
  • Return to Default Zoom: Cmd+0


  • Open Activity: Cmd+1 (Web: Cmd+Shift+1)
  • Open Chat: Cmd+2 (Web: Cmd+Shift+2)
  • Open Teams: Cmd+3 (Web: Cmd+Shift+3)
  • Open Calendar: Cmd+4 (Web: Cmd+Shift+4)
  • Open Calls: Cmd+5 (Web: Cmd+Shift+5)
  • Open Files: Cmd+6 (Web: Cmd+Shift+6)
  • Go to Previous Item: Left Opt+Up
  • Go to Next Item: Left Opt+Down
  • Go to Previous Section: Cmd+Shift+F6
  • Go to Next Section: Cmd+Shift+F6
  • Move Selected Team Up: Cmd+Shift+Up
  • Move Selected Team Down: Cmd+Shift+Down


  • Go to Compose: C
  • Expand Compose: Cmd+Shift+X
  • Send (In Expanded Compose Box): Cmd+Enter
  • Attach: Cmd+O
  • Insert Return: Shift+Enter
  • Reply to Thread: R

Meetings and Calls

  • Accept Video Call: Cmd+Shift+A
  • Accept Audio Call: Cmd+Shift+S
  • Decline Call: Cmd+Shift+D
  • Start Audio Call: Cmd+Shift+C
  • Start Video Call: Cmd+Shift+U
  • Toggle Mute: Cmd+Shift+M
  • Toggle Video: Cmd+Shift+O
  • Toggle Fullscreen: Cmd+Shift+F
  • Go to Sharing Toolbar: Cmd+Shift+Space


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