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How to Get your $299 Full Refund with Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Recall



When it comes to smartwatches, Fitbit Ionic is a top brand back in the days. With its Sp02 blood-oxygen sensors, built-in GPS, and more, the Ionic smartwatch has been playing along with the Apple Watch Series 3 in competition for the best health and fitness wearable device when they were released.

Unfortunately, you may need to return your Ionic Fitbit smartwatch immediately if you have one now. Fitbit recalls its Ionic smartwatch due to troubling reports that users suffered burn injuries when using the watch. Users will need to stop using their Fitbit smartwatches and process the return of their recalled devices to earn a refund.

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There are more than 100 reports of burn injuries from Ionic smartwatches users. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports 115 burn injuries in the US and 59 cases from other countries. There are two cases of third-degree burns while four reports of second-degree burns. The burn injuries come from overheating of the smartwatch battery.

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How to Register & Claim your $299 Full Refund & 40% Discount with Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Recall

Only affected models of the Ionic smartwatch are affected and allowed with the return policy through the massive product recall. Fitbit will give you a full refund of $299 regardless of the cost of your smartwatch. You will also receive a 40 percent discount if you opt to buy new hardware with selected Fitbit devices.

Here is the list of recalled Fitbit Ionic smartwatches:

  • Ionic FB503CPBU – colors Burnt Orange and Slate Blue
  • Ionic FB503GYBK – colors Charcoal and Smoke Gray
  • Ionic FB503WTGY – colors Blue Gray and Silver Gray
  • Ionic FB503WTNV – colors Adidas edition, Ink Blue & Ice Gray, and Silver Gray

Fitbit will recall Ionic smartwatches bought from Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target, Amazon.com, Fitbit.com, and other stores nationwide between September 2017 and December 2021.

  • To register and process your refund claim for the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch recall, go to https://www.fitbitionic.expertinquiry.com/.
  • Select your country and click “Register”.
  • You will now be redirected to the specific refund registration page for your country or region.
  • Then, fill in the necessary information required to initiate the refund process.
  • Fitbit will send you the details on how to verify your account and disable device syncing.
  • You can also call 888-925-1764 to facilitate and get your full refund and discount.

What smartwatch do you plan to replace your recalled Fitbit Ionic smartwatch with? We are curious to know, so please share your thoughts down below.

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  1. I would go with the versa. Yes the sense allows you to take calls from your wrist but the volume is so low you can barely hear them nor them you. Also it drains your phone and watch battery significantly since you are constantly running the two in the background. Plus, ive noticed I look like a huge dork yelling into my watch. The volume doesn’t stay where you put it, each time you hang up, the volume goes right back to being low and you have to turn it to the max every time someone calls. The versa still let’s you text, reject or answer calls from your wrist and its much cheaper.


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