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How to Stop & Block Annoying Spam Users in your Google Drive Account



If Gmail has a spam folder that lets you have control over who gets to send you emails directly to your inbox, what about Google Drive? Is there a way for users to control whoever shares a file with you or mentions you in their comments?

Unfortunately, it is not the case with Google Drive. It may sound insane, but that is the reality when you are using the Google Drive cloud storage service. It is an effective tool for collaboration and sharing files. You can feel secure knowing that your documents are safe in the servers of a cloud storage by a large company like Google. Access to your files is easy and fast.

But, the sad thing is Google Drive does not filter spam in its file-sharing feature. As long as someone has your email address, you can receive any document shared to your Google Drive. It will automatically appear on your Drive list even without you giving any permission.

Some users choose to click the remove button to delete the files. You may think of it that way, but it does not eliminate the file at all. The removed documents will hide from your view but remain there.

So, is there any hope to get rid of the spam content and abusive users on Google Drive platform?

The answer is a big yes! Google just made an announcement last May regarding its spam mitigation efforts for Google Drive. Now, Google will be launching the spammer protection feature in the next few days.

Google Drive Feature Against Spam Content Sharing & a Way to Fight Abusive Users

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If you need to block spam users and stop them from sharing content and files with you, Google will make it happen. With the new spam protection control tool on Google Drive, you can easily block users you don’t want to appear on your Google Drive list.

What does it mean to block someone on Google Drive? Blocking annoying people will prevent spammers and abusive Google Drive users from sharing any documents with you. This is an effective way to eliminate unwanted content, avoid getting mentioned in comments, and stop receiving spam notifications on your Google Drive and Gmail email accounts. The files shared or owned by the blocked user will not appear on your Google Drive when you browse or search for something. All files and folders will be gone, even those shared by another user.

Note that blocking users will also prevent them from interacting with you on other Google apps and services.

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How to Block Dangerous Spam Users & Stop Spammers from Sharing Content to your Google Drive Account

Now that you are ecstatic to block all those spam users you encountered in the past, it is time to learn the steps on how to do it exactly.

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How to Block Someone on Google Drive

  • First, launch your Google Drive (drive.google.com) on your device’s web browser.
  • Look for the spam file and right-click on it.
  • The options menu will appear.
  • Select “Block username” right below the “Report abuse” option.

If ever you want to give blocked users access again, you can always unblock them from your Google Drive account settings.

How to Unblock Someone on Google Drive

Here’s how to do it:

  • Launch Google Drive (drive.google.com) on your desktop/laptop computer or mobile browser.
  • The, click your profile picture and go to Manage your Google Account.
  • Now, click People & sharing and then click on Blocked to open a list that contains the accounts you blocked from different Google services.
  • To unblock a user on Google Drive, click Remove next to the person’s name.

What do you think of the new blocking tool and spam protection control on Google Drive? We value your opinion. You can share your thoughts with us below.



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