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How to Get the New Roku Voice Remote Pro with Rechargeable Battery



Roku comes with a remote control that lets you navigate through the platform with just a few push of the buttons. However, each remote control must use either AA or AAA batteries to work. It can be expensive to constantly replace these batteries, not to mention a hazard to the environment.

Recent news circulated in the Internet saying that a new Roku voice control remote is on its way. The Roku Voice Remote Pro will soon be available to users. It is great news to Roku users, as they can save money on batteries and enjoy the added features.

What Can I Get From the New Roku Voice Remote Pro?

Credit: Roku

Users will experience something new with the Roku voice remote. Not only will it have a built-in rechargeable battery feature, but it also comes with additional functions to make your Roku streaming experience more convenient and enjoyable. Here are some features of the new remote from Roku.

  • It has Hands-free Voice Control. The Roku Voice Remote Pro has a microphone that lets you use your voice for playback and navigation commands. All you have to say is Hey Roku followed by your command.
  • It comes with a Lost Remote Finder. It is frustrating to lose your remote control. But with the finder, it will be an easy retrieve.
  • It has Shortcut Buttons. Instead of making your way around the platform, you can take a shortcut with only a few push of the buttons.
  • It comes with Private Listening features. The Roku remote has an audio jack to give you privacy when you want it.

How to Get the New Roku Voice Remote Pro with Built-In Rechargeable Batteries

Credit: Kingtut206/Reddit

The Roku Voice Remote Pro is available only for a limited time. Shipping is on February 19, 2021, with only 2,000 units to be sold. Each new remote costs $29.99 USD. Unfortunately, the offer only applies to members of Roku’s Early Access Program. There is no word yet when the voice remote will be available to all Roku users.

UPDATE: Anyone can now buy their own Roku Voice Remote Pro with rechargeable battery on Amazon!

Are you also excited to buy and get your hands on the Roku Voice Remote Pro? We would love to know what you think, so drop us a comment below.


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  1. How do I replace my current remote controller for Roku? It appears to not work on any buttons and yes we put in two new batteries. Does it have anything to do with watching things like CBS live instead of menu items?


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