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How to Turn On/Off Closed Captioning or Subtitles on Peacock



When streaming movies or shows, some of them can be hard to understand at some point. Either a movie is originally made from a different language, or you find it hard to understand what the characters are saying due to different accepts used.

In comes subtitles or closed captioning. These are helpful tools that show in written words what the characters are saying. It offers a way for us to fully understand the movie or show and not miss out on the lines of the characters.

Peacock refers to their closed captioning as subtitles. Users can customize these captions and change the size, color, or font of the captions depending on their preference. To access customization, go to your account settings or the accessibility settings found in your device.


How to Enable or Disable Closed Captions or Subtitles on Peacock

Windows Dispatch / The Streaming Advisor
  • Launch your Peacock app and select any program or show you want to watch.
  • While playing, press down on your remote control and move to the left until you get to the rectangular icon.
  • Now, press OK when it turns yellow. You will be able to see different options.
  • Look for Subtitles, and you can choose the subtitle you want or turn it off. If the subtitle does not come out yet, wait for a few seconds.

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How to Add Customizations on Your Subtitles in Peacock

As mentioned above, you can customize your subtitles on Peacock. Your access to these custom preferences depends on the device you are using.

Via Android Devices

  • On any Android device, go to the Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Choose Accessibility Settings.
  • Go to Hearing/Audio.
  • Click Captions. Now, you can choose your customization.


Via iOS or TVOS

  • Launch the Settings of your device.
  • Click Accessibility.
  • Go to the Hearing section.
  • Click Subtitles & Captioning. You can now customize your subtitles.

Via Xbox One

To customize subtitles for your Xbox One, you can visit their official website at PeacockTV.com.

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  1. I have a SONY TV so here’s the question. How do you set subtitles/captions on Peacock to stay ON as DEFAULT. I am REALLY tired of the fact that every time the channel is put on pause for long enough or just even go to the screensaver they have to be selected Again. And again.

  2. This has got to be the hardest help I’ve ever encounter. Can’t get a real person anywhere. Captions won’t kick in no matter what I try. Junk help. Not at all happy with Peacock.

  3. Says to press down on the remote to stop closed captioning. Press what??? Good grief! It should not be this hard.

  4. I guess Peacock isn’t for me. I can’t get rid of closed caption after 6 tries. Sadly we had hoped to watch Parks and recreation. Bye

  5. They say to upturn on your peacock app…how do do that on a tv? Peacock only comes on when we look for a show on xfinity on demand. Then it say to scroll with your device… what device ? The tv ? My cell phone?

    • I just did it after trying all recommendation. I have fire stick tv. Once the movie is playing press down direction…press pause..once it yellow press left until you get to rectangular icon which will highlight yellow then quickly choose language NONE…VIOLA

  6. Still can’t get the subtitles off, this is RIDICULOUS, not to mention how slow the internet is, what exactly am I paying you for? Shitty service and unclear directions on how to fix a simple thing, you should be ashamed of yourselves, DO YOUR JOB!!!

  7. i have tried to press down on Xfinity remote to get to find subtitles and no luck, very hard to navigate to solve the issue

  8. I got a real person for 45 minutes trying to turn the closed captions off for Giants game (where they were covering the on screen innings and outs section) on Peacock 6/18/21 to no avail. I had already set closed captions to off on the xFinity. I was finally told to contact Peacock (HUH?) since it was separate from Comcast. When I pay $176 a month for service I expect Comcast to vet what they put on. I an also suspicious of the placement of the caption. Was this an inducement to pay $4.05 for the premium service? If so it backfired. I would definitely not pay for a service Comcast can not provide. Given the the above comments when people cannot turn on captions when they do want them I am doubly suspicious.

  9. I’m a retired software engineer who has worked on some of the most complex projects in telecommunications, defense, etc. I can’t figure it out either. If I were an executive at Peacock , I would have them try it. Then I would then fire every one of those software idiots, and their mangers. Enough said.

  10. It’s a joke, I followed the instructions and get as far as to the choices but will not let me move down to subtitles, beyond frustrating

  11. Please help me get the CC turned off on Peacock TV, the instructions do not work and watching a golf game with subtitles in the middle of the screen is so frustrating!!!

  12. Started no cc on Peacock. Now it is on.
    I didn’t turn it on and can not turn it off with Xfinity controller.
    What’s the point of leaving a comment when your not going to respond to it.


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