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How to Fix Google Pixel Watch Screen Frozen, Stuck & Won’t Restart



If you own a Google Pixel device, you’re likely one of the few people that get to enjoy a full Android experience. Without any bloated apps or skins, the Google Pixel ecosystem is a great way to sync all your devices and have seamless information on your Pixel Watch.

With all the amazing features that come with the Google Pixel Watch, there are moments when it can feel unbearable to use this device. In such situations, your Pixel Watch smartwatch may be frozen, unresponsive, won’t restart or power down, and seem like it’s refusing to work altogether. This guide shows you what you need to do.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix Google Pixel Watch Device that Freezes, Screen Stuck Restarting, or Won’t Turn On

Fixing this problem requires a bit of troubleshooting and a few possible resets along the way. If you’re willing to try different solutions, you’ll be in a comfortable position to get rid of the issue successfully.

Follow these solutions to help you troubleshoot and fix the issue with Google Pixel Watch that freezes, won’t turn on, or stuck while restarting.

Solution #1 – Initialize A Hardware Reboot On Your Pixel Watch

It turns out that the Google Pixel Watch can actually be rebooted physically.

  1. Unstrap the watch from your arm
  2. Ensure that your watch is unlocked
  3. Hold your digital crown button and recent apps button for 15 seconds
  4. Wait for a G to appear on the screen
  5. Let your device reboot and see if the problem persists

Solution #2 – Leave It For A Few Hours

According to the experience of some smartwatch owners, docking a pixel watch has been helpful in preventing the random freezes and unresponsiveness. You might be in a temperature that is too warm for your smartwatch’s processor. 

Alternatively, if you’re just coming out of the water with your smartwatch, there may be some unintended breach in its waterproofing seal. In this situation, leaving it for some time to dry is a good idea.

Solution #3 – Restart Wear OS

Wear OS for the Google Pixel smartwatch is a pretty smooth way to navigate the tiny screen. If it starts glitching out, it might be time for a quick restart. Follow the steps below to know how:

  1. Go to Settings then Apps and Notifications
  2. Select See All Apps and head over to the All tab
  3. Find Wear OS
  4. Choose Clear CacheClear Data and Force Close
  5. Cancel the connection from your phone and reinstall the app
  6. Set up the connection once more
  7. Update it to the latest version

Solution #4 – Reconnect Watch To Phone

If you’re having trouble with a glitch in the connection of your watch to your phone, it’s time to redo the connection

  1. Go to the Wear OS app and tap on Clear Cache
  2. Head back to the Menu and select Disconnect
  3. Go to the Menu and Connect again
  4. See if the issue is resolved

The Google Pixel Watch is still not as polished yet as the Apple Watch, so problems like this are expected to come up once in a while. If you’re willing, it’s best to just focus on solving it with some effort through a guide like ours.

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