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How to Fix Poor Connection Issue & SSL Error in Clubhouse App



How do you like to listen in an online conversation without feeling insecure that you are not welcome? It does feel creepy and unethical if you eavesdrop on other people talking. But, it does not look unpleasant if they also want you to hear everything.

That’s what the Clubhouse app is about! It’s a new type of mobile social media network based on voice which is often called Drop-in Audio Chat. It showcases live conversations between users, famous or not, while you can just join in and listen without saying anything. You can also join if there is a chat available, but everything is done in audio form.

Users are becoming ecstatic with the fresh idea of the Clubhouse app. It is unique and entertaining at the same time. You can download, install, and use it on your iPhone or Android phone. But, there are issues that users still may encounter along the way that causes the app not to work.

You may see the error message, “Poor connection. Try to find a stronger signal.” Some users encounter an SSL error when using a cellular data instead of a WiFi connection with the error message “An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.”


Troubleshoot Clubhouse App Poor Connection Issues & Fix SSL Errors in Android or iPhone

It is not uncommon to encounter a poor connection problem or an SSL error when you launch your Clubhouse app. Poor connection issues may be due to your weak WiFi Internet network signal, while an SSL certificate error has totally different factors triggering it.

While these problems prevent you from connecting and listening to live conversations on your Clubhouse app, there are ways you can do to fix them. Note that there are times when the Clubhouse server is down. If this is the case, you cannot do anything except wait until Clubhouse fixes the error on their end. So, how do you repair and get rid of the poor connection issues and SSL errors on the new social app?

Solution #1 – Switch your Airplane Mode On and Off

  • On your Android device, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Go to Wireless & Networks.
  • Select More.
  • Look for Airplane Mode and toggle it to On.
  • Wait for a few moments before toggling it Off.
  • If you are using an iOS device, go to the Settings menu.
  • Look for the Airplane Mode and toggle it to On and Off.

Solution #2 – Power Cycle your Devices

Credit: Thanakorn_kotpootorn/Freepik
  • Exit the Clubhouse app and quit all running apps in the background.
  • Turn off your Android or iOS device.
  • Unplug your router and modem.
  • Wait for at least 1 minute before plugging them back and connecting to the Internet.
  • Now, turn on your device and relaunch the Clubhouse app.

Solution #3 – Switch to a Different Internet Network Connection

If you are using your mobile data, you may want to use your WiFi Internet connection. If there are other networks available, try switching to them until you can resolve the problem.

Solution #4 – Enable or Disable VPN Service

If you are not using a VPN service, you can try switching to a VPN connection if it works for you. However, if you are currently using a VPN server to access the Clubhouse app, you can try turning it off. Sometimes, your VPN service may be the cause of the connection and SSL errors.

Some free VPN service can cause errors like this. If you are willing to explore other options, you may want to consider any of these premium VPN providers. It may help you fix the network connection issues on your Clubhouse app.

Solution #5 – Reinstall Clubhouse App on iPhone or Android Phone

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

A poor connection problem or an SSL error may be triggered by a faulty app installation. You may try to uninstall the app based on your mobile device and reinstall it through the iOS App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for your Android phone.

If you still see the error on Clubhouse and the app is not working at all, it is better to report your issue to the Clubhouse customer support.

Did any of the solutions above worked for you? Which one did? You can tell us in the comment section below.


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