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How to Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code E60, 5200 or E15



Canon Pixma printers are reliable, but they do have their moments. We’re focusing on Canon printer error codes E60, 5200, and E15.

These codes are your printer’s way of saying, “Hey, I need some TLC.” Ignoring them could lead to bigger problems. So let’s fix the printing error and get that printer back on track. It’s simpler than you’d think.

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Troubleshoot Canon Pixma Printer Error Code E60: Ink Level Error

So your Canon printer is acting up, flashing an E60 error on its display. This is the machine’s way of telling you there’s something off with the ink levels.

Let’s get down to business.

  • On your printer, you’ll find a black copy button.
  • Hold it down for a solid four to five seconds. No stopwatch needed, just count it out casually.
  • Time to release that button.
  • Take a quick glance at the printer’s display.
  • If the E60 error has cleared, you’ve successfully resolved the issue. Your printer should be back in working order, ready to churn out those pages.

Fixing Canon Pixma Printer Error Code 5200: Low Ink or Defective Cartridge

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The 5200 error on your Canon Pixma usually indicates one of two things: low ink levels or a defective cartridge. Canon’s official support page confirms this.

  • Your first step is to check the ink levels. If they’re running low, it’s time for a refill. Replace the empty cartridge with a new one.
  • If the ink levels look good, then the issue might be with the cartridge itself. Go ahead and replace it with a new one.
  • After you’ve sorted out the cartridge situation, power off your printer for a moment, then turn it back on. This simple action resets the printer and should clear the 5200 error.

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Dealing with Canon Pixma Printer Error Code E15: Cartridge Recognition Issue

The E15 error on your Canon Pixma is all about cartridge recognition. Refresh Cartridges has a solid blog post that covers this in detail.

  • First things first, remove the cartridge from its slot and power down your printer. Make sure it’s completely off.
  • Now, it’s cleaning time. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the cartridge contacts gently. A simple dry cloth should suffice.
  • Reinsert the cartridge into its slot. Listen for a click to ensure it’s securely in place.
  • Turn your printer back on. If all has gone well, the E15 error should be a thing of the past.

What to Do if None of these Fixes Solve the Canon Pixma Printer Problems

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So you’ve tried all the fixes, and your printer is still not cooperating. Before you consider throwing it out the window, let’s explore some last-resort options.

  • Contacting Canon’s customer support should be on your radar. They know their products inside and out and might have some troubleshooting tips that aren’t widely known.
  • If you’re not in the mood to hold music, consider contacting Canon’s online support. They often have chat services where you can get real-time help.
  • Still no luck? It might be time to consult a professional. Yes, it’ll cost you, but it’s better than buying a new printer, right?
  • And if you’re feeling brave, there are online forums where users share their own DIY fixes. Just remember, you’re venturing into these waters at your own risk.
  • At the end of the day, if your printer is still under warranty, use it. Send that bad boy in for professional repair or replacement. It’s why warranties exist, after all.

Dealing with printer errors can be a hassle, but it’s often simpler to fix than you might expect. Whether it’s an E60, 5200, or E15 error, a few straightforward steps can usually get your Canon Pixma back in action.

And if all else fails, you’ve got a range of options, from customer support to professional repair, to fall back on.

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