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How to Fix Google Meet Camera Zoomed In or Video Cropped at High Res



Google Meet has developed into a crucial tool for virtual meetings and distant work. But, if you have issues with your web camera cropping or zooming in during a meeting, it could be inconvenient.

Fortunately, there are a few options for handling this webcam video cropping or zooming problem, which this post will thoroughly explore.

How to Troubleshoot Webcam Issues & Fix Google Meet Camera Zoomed In or Video Cropped at High Res

Try these troubleshooting methods to help you fix webcam issues on Google Meet videoconference meetings especially those that are related to camera video zoomed in or cropped videos at high res.

Change Resolution Settings Before Joining the Meeting

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Changing your resolution settings before joining a video conference or meeting is one of the simplest fixes for a zoomed-in or cropped camera. 

  1. Several users claim that setting the “Send Resolution” to 720p before joining the conference will keep the setting.
  2. Choose the “Settings” menu from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Then go to the “Video” section and press the “Send Resolution” button.

In any case, remember that not every person might find actual success with this solution. There are alternative methods to think about if this does not fix the problem.

Check Your Camera Connection and App Access

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Your camera may have been cropped or zoomed in due to improper connection or access by the Google Meet meeting app, for example. Make sure the camera you wish to utilize is set to active if you have numerous cameras installed. 

Make sure your webcam is turned on and that no other apps are currently using it for access. Checking that Google Meet videoconferencing app is installed with the most recent version is also crucial. This might resolve the issue in certain cases.

Minimize Audio Echo

Other meeting members may find it distracting if they are experiencing auditory echo. Use headphones and reduce your speaker volume to reduce audio echo. This can reduce audio feedback and improve the meeting’s audio quality for all participants.

Adjust Camera Aspect Ratio in Zoom

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Other video conferencing systems like Zoom have received complaints from some consumers regarding camera aspect ratio. You can choose the camera you want to use and change the video ratio in Zoom to either original ratio or HD. 

Unfortunately, according to some users, the camera is reduced to a 4:3 aspect ratio when in Zoom, and even choosing the 16:9 widescreen option in the video settings further crops the already-cropped 4:3.

Crop or Adjust Output of Camera Before Meeting Software

There are alternatives for cropping or modifying your camera’s output before it enters the meeting software if none of the aforementioned fixes work. 

Before delivering the image over a virtual camera to the conference, you may, for instance, utilize O.B.S. to add filters or crop it. Guides that describe how to zoom or crop your camera within the Google Meet interface are also available.

Wrapped Up!

Ultimately, there are a number of potential fixes to attempt if you’re having problems with your Google Meet camera being cropped or zoomed in at high quality. 

You should be able to solve the problem and take part in your meetings without any problems by changing your resolution settings before joining the video meeting, checking your camera connection and app access, reducing audio echo, adjusting web camera aspect ratio in Zoom, or cropping or adjusting the output of your webcam before it reaches the videoconferencing software.



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