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How to Capture or Take Screenshots of Apple CarPlay Screen



Your safety in the car is of paramount importance. But, there are also things you need to do while on the road. If you have to use your iPhone while in the car, you can make use of Apple CarPlay. With its easy-to-use dashboard, you can navigate through your iPhone without putting your driving at risk.

What is Apple CarPlay

Credit: Apple/Windows Dispatch

Apple CarPlay is a tool that allows you to use your iPhone while driving in your car. It connects to your iPhone device, so you can manage your calls, navigate in maps, and control your music without going through your phone.

You can activate your Siri voice control or you can set your car buttons and knobs to control your CarPlay. It means that you take control of both your car and your iPhone while your hands stay on the steering wheel or where your car needs them to be.

With the Apple CarPlay, you can navigate around Apple Maps. Find out the places that you need to go or ask for recommendations to where you want to eat. You can also make calls when you are driving or read and write text messages. Just ask Siri anytime.

But, what if you need to take a screenshot of your CarPlay display?

How to Take Screenshots of Apple CarPlay Screen

It is possible to take a screenshot of your CarPlay screen if you have to. Sometimes, you want to save an image of a map you just located or a song you want to search and save later.

However, to do a screenshot, you will need to use your iPhone’s screenshot feature. For this method, it is recommended not to do it while driving or if you are the driver of the car.

To take a screenshot:

  • Press both the Home button and the side or top button depending on the type of iPhone you are using.
  • For iPhone X or later, you will have to press both the side and volume up buttons at the same time.

Now, you can save the image of your screen and on the CarPlay display. It captures both photos. You can check your Photos app to see the pictures.

That’s it! You can take as many screenshots as you like. It is also a cool way to save moments when life is easier in your car thanks to Apple CarPlay.

What do you think of Apple CarPlay? Is it useful for you? We would love to know what you think, so drop us a comment below.



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