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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Error Code 08-002, 08-003 or 08-200



Samsung Galaxy SmartTags are handy little devices that can help you keep track of your valuables. However, you may sometimes encounter frustrating error codes like 08-002, 08-003, or 08-200 that prevent your SmartTag from working properly. 

Don’t worry – in most cases these Smart Tag tracker errors can be easily fixed with a few troubleshooting steps.

What Causes These Error Codes on Galaxy SmartTag Tracker?

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These error codes typically indicate some kind of connectivity issue between your SmartTag and your Samsung phone. Error 08-002 and 08-003 suggest your device and SmartTag are having trouble communicating. Error 08-200 indicates the SmartTag was unable to write or read data.

Potential causes include:

  • Your phone and SmartTag are too far apart. The Bluetooth connection range is limited.
  • The SmartTag battery is dead or draining. Low battery can cause connectivity issues.
  • There is wireless interference between devices. Other Bluetooth devices or obstructions can disrupt the signal.
  • Your SmartThings app requires an update. Outdated software versions may not work properly.
  • There are compatibility issues. Some SmartTags only work with certain Samsung Galaxy models.

So before you panic, try the following troubleshooting tips to resolve your Samsung SmartTag error.

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Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix Samsung SmartTag Tracking Device Error Code 08-002, 08-003 or 08-200

Move Closer to the SmartTag

Since Bluetooth has a limited wireless range, moving closer together often helps connectivity. Bring your phone within a couple feet of the SmartTag when pairing or looking for your lost item.

This simple step alone can fix error 08-002, 08-003, and 08-200 if the devices were merely out of Bluetooth range.

Check the SmartTag Battery

A dead or dying SmartTag battery is another common culprit behind these errors.

Press the button on your SmartTag – if the status light is red, blinking, or not turning on at all, the battery needs to be replaced.

Slide open the SmartTag and insert a new CR2032 coin cell battery with the positive side facing up. Reseal the device tightly.

Give the battery a minute to settle and then try pairing again. A fresh battery should resolve battery-related errors.

Reset the SmartTag Tracking Device

Resetting the Galaxy Smart Tag to factory settings can clear up software issues causing connectivity problems.

To reset, press and hold the SmartTag’s button for around 5-10 seconds until the light turns off.

Release and quickly press the button again. The light will flash, indicating the reset worked.

After resetting, go through the SmartTag setup process again in your SmartThings app. Resetting often resolves error 08-002, 08-003, and 08-200.

Update the SmartThings App on your Galaxy Phone

An outdated version of the SmartThings app could be the reason behind your Samsung Galaxy SmartTag tracker error codes.

Open the iOS App Store pr Google Play Store on your phone and search “SmartThings”. If an Update option appears, tap it to download the latest SmartThings version.

Updating provides bug fixes, performance improvements, and better device connectivity. Be sure to update before troubleshooting further.

Try Your SmartTag on a Different Samsung Device

In some cases, error 08-002 specifically occurs due to compatibility issues.

Certain Samsung Galaxy SmartTag tracking device models only work with newer Galaxy smartphones. If you see the error “SmartTag only supported on Galaxy devices with Android 9.0 or higher,” your phone may be too old for that SmartTag version.

Borrow a friend’s recent Galaxy device and try pairing your SmartTag with their smartphone. If it connects fine, you’ll know the issue is your particular phone model. You’ll need a different SmartTag version or newer Samsung phone.

Contact Samsung Customer Support Team

If you still get error 08-002, 08-003, or 08-200 after trying all troubleshooting steps, reach out to Samsung Support.

You can contact support through live chat on Samsung’s website or by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG. Support can further diagnose your connectivity issues and provide personalized troubleshooting for your situation.

They can also determine if your Samsung phone and SmartTag models are incompatible and help with next steps. Reaching out to Samsung Support should resolve any ongoing SmartTag errors.

Hope this helps!

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