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You Can Now Turn Off Autoplay on Netflix



Been annoyed by the loud autoplay of Netflix trailers? If you do not love to see trailers instantly playing when browsing on your Netflix homepage, this is your lucky day. Netflix is now allowing you to turn off the autoplay previews so you can scan your homepage in peace, just like how Disney Plus allows you to disable autoplay.

What is the Autoplay Feature

First, you have to know that there are two types of Autoplay in Netflix. One is Autoplay the next episodes in a series on all device. This will automatically play the next episodes even when you do not select it. The other is Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices. This will automatically play trailers of movies or shows when you hover over them on the homepage.

When turning off your autoplay, you can choose which one you want to turn off or on.

How to Turn Off Netflix Autoplay

Turn Off Netflix Autoplay
  • On your web browser, go to Netflix and sign in your account.
  • From the menu, click Manage Profiles.
  • Next, select the profile you want to update.
  • Now, choose with autoplay feature you want to turn off. Check or uncheck the autoplay option.
  • Click Save.

It may take a few minutes before the changes to take effect. However, you can force the changes by switching to another profile and switching back again to reload the update.

Make It Stop Now!

It is great for Netflix to listen to its users and save them from the annoying autoplay of trailers or next episodes. Still, if you find yourself enjoying the autoplay or find it easier not to move a muscle when playing the next episode, just turn it on again.

Do you enjoy the Netflix autoplay or do you hate it? Tell us what you think.



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