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How to Fix Exit Code -805306369 or -1073740940 Minecraft PC Error



Popular sandbox video game Minecraft lets users create and explore virtual worlds. Exit Code -805306369 and -1073740940 are two common problems that PC gamers frequently run into, which can be annoying and interfere with gameplay.

How to Troubleshoot Issues & Fix Exit Code -805306369 or -1073740940 Error on Minecraft for Windows PC

There are fortunately multiple solutions to these errors on your Windows 10 or 11 computer, which we will discuss here! Follow the solutions below to help you troubleshoot what’s causing exit code -805306369 and -1073740940 errors on your Minecraft game.

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Perform a Clean Installation of the Game

A clean installation of the game is one way to fix Exit Code -805306369 and -1073740940 issues. This involves removing the game from Steam and re-installing it onto the corresponding system. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. Launch Steam, then head to the library.
  2. Select Manage from the list by performing a right-click on the Minecraft game.
  3. To complete the procedure, click Uninstall.
  4. After that, reinstall the game by going to Library on Steam.

You may want to make sure the game is installed successfully and that any corrupted files or settings are deleted by conducting a clean installation.

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Identify the Specific Mod That Is Causing the Issue

Players of Minecraft frequently utilize mods to improve their gaming experience, but some mods may clash with the game or other mods and result in issues. Players should install mods one at a time until they find the one that is generating the error in order to pinpoint the precise mod that is to blame.

When the troublesome mod is identified, players can contact the mod developer for a patch. Alternately, users can visit [MC-23484] to view Mojang’s resolution for this problem exit code -805306369. Exit code -805306369 for the Minecraft exit code error. Players may be able to fix the particular mod that is causing the problem and resume playing normally.

Repair the Game Files on your Game Client

Exit Code -805306369 and -1073740940 Minecraft game crashed issues can also be fixed by players by trying to repair the game’s files. 

  1. To do this, launch the Origin client, navigate to My Game Library on the left side. 
  2. Click the little gear icon next to ‘Play’ option.
  3. Pick the Repair option.
  4. Then complete the repair process as directed on the screen. Restart Origin after that.
  5. And then start Apex Legends.

Any damaged or missing game files are replaced through game file repair, perhaps resolving the error’s root cause.

Allocate More Memory to the Game

Exit Code -805306369 and -1073740940 issues can also be resolved by giving the game extra RAM. For optimal performance, Minecraft needs a particular amount of RAM, and improper memory allocation can result in issues. 

To ensure a smooth experience, players should provide more RAM to the game than 1GB. But too much memory allocation can also be a problem, leading to several performance problems and game crashes with exit code 805306369.

Players should determine the right amount of memory allocation for their particular system and avoid giving the game more memory than they have available.

Visit the Minecraft Jira Site or Reddit Page

Last but not least, users can visit the Minecraft Jira website to learn more and report any bugs they notice. The website functions as a discussion forum where players can exchange experiences, report glitches, and request support in resolving issues. For discussions and fixes to Minecraft bugs, players can go visit the Reddit page for Minecraft.

Players who ask for assistance from the Minecraft community and professionals may be able to resolve the Exit Code -805306369 and -1073740940 crashing issues.

It’s important to remember that these fixes might not apply to every gamer because error causes can change. If a player is still having problems after trying several fixes, they should ask the Minecraft community for assistance. Each player will have a better gaming experience if the players can cooperate to find and repair game bugs.



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