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Netflix Error Code C7353-5101, C7053-1803 or C7121-1331 on Chromebook



The Netflix movie library continues to grow with new original shows and the latest movies being made available on a regular basis. With its extensive movie collection, there is a lot to look forward to every day. But, errors happen even with the giant streaming service like Netflix. If you are using Google Chrome browser to stream Netflix on a Chromebook computer, you may encounter any of these Netflix error codes C7353-5101, C7053-1803, or C7121-1331.

What is Netflix Error Code C7353-5101

If you are seeing the Netflix error code C7353-5101 on Chromebook, it comes with the message,

“Whoops, something went wrong…
Unexpected Error
There was an unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again.”

It means that there is an outdated information or data in your Chromebook that needs to be refreshed.

What is Netflix Error Code C7053-1803

Similar to Netflix error code C7353-5101, the error code C7053-1803 also means that there is stored data on your streaming device that needs to be reloaded.

What is Netflix Error Code C7121-1331

The Netflix Error Code C7121-1331 is another Google Chromebook error. It points out problems with the current version of your Google Chrome browser.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code C7353-5101, C7053-1803 and C7121-1331 on Chromebooks

Solution #1 – Restart Your Chromebook

Credit: Google

First things first. Restarting your Chromebook or any device can fix the most common streaming issues you might be facing.

  1. Close your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Shut down your computer.
  3. Wait for a few seconds before restarting it.
  4. Now, try relaunching Netflix.

Solution #2 – Update Your Chromebook

  1. At the bottom-right corner of the screen, click to launch the Settings tray.
  2. Look for the Gear icon and click to open. It will direct you to the Settings window.
  3. Select the three horizontal lines to open the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll down and select About Chrome OS.
  5. Click the Check for Updates button.
  6. If there are available updates, it will download and install them on your Chromebook.
  7. Once done, click the Restart button.
  8. Try to check if the error still exists.

Solution #3 – Reset the Chrome Settings

Credit: Windows Dispatch
  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Go to chrome://settings.
  3. Look for the Advanced button and click to open.
  4. Navigate to the Reset section. Select Reset.
  5. Confirm by selecting Reset again.

There are other solutions like power washing your Chromebook. Unfortunately, these steps can erase the local data on your computer. If none of the solutions above work, contact Netflix Customer Support for assistance.

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